How To Manually Update AVG Free Edition

You always want to make sure that your AVG Free Edition Anti-virus software is up to date with security updates that your system needs to protect it from potential harm. It is advisable to set your AVG to update automatically but just in case you want to download full updates all in one go, you can do so by updating the program manually. The following lists the steps on how you can manually update your AVG free edition.

Manually updating by downloading the updates from the website.

  1. Log on to your computer with administrator access and connect to the Internet. Since you are about to install a software update, you will need to have administrator access in order to make this happen. Log on to your Internet account and proceed to the next step.
  2. Launch the Web browser you usually use. Make sure you have active Internet connection and on the address bar, go to AVG’s official website at On the homepage, under “Popular Links” found on the lower part of the page, hit the link to “Get software updates” to get you to the AVG Software Updates page.
  3. Navigate to the “AVG Free Advisor” page. On the “AVG Software Updates” page, locate “Important notice for AVG Free User” and hit the “AVG Free Advisor website” link.
  4. Go to the download section of AVG Free Anti-virus. Look for “Download & Upgrade” and hit the button for “Go to more downloads”.
  5. Grab the update you need. Under “Other downloads”, hit the link for “Updates” where the website will direct you to the “Download Update” page. Under “File”, look for the update that starts with the word “AVI”. Inspect when the update was added under “Date” just to make sure that you do not download the same update twice. When you have the specific update you want, just hit the link to it.
  6. Install the updates to your AVG software. Launch your AVG application. On the Menu bar, hit “Tools” and select “Update from director”. Locate the folder where you have saved the update and double click on it. When done applying the update, your AVG Free Edition will now have the latest virus definitions.

Manually updating through the software itself.

  1. On your desktop, locate the AVG icon that you will see on the right-hand corner of the Windows taskbar.
  2. Using your mouse, right click the AVG icon.
  3. From the menu that populates, hit “Update now”.
  4. When done checking for the updates, the software will ask you what update you would like to download and install.

Check and download security updates at least every two days to make sure that you get the utmost protection your system needs.


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