How To Mass Email from Excel

You can use the mail merge technique for mass emailing. This involves creating an Excel file which will serve as your data source and then linking that to a Word document where you made a draft of your email. This technique works only for MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) compatible email programs such as Outlook.

1. Make a list of contacts in MS Excel.
Type in distinct headings on the first row of each column that will define the type of data for that column. Contact information (or any other type of data) should be divided into more specific units. For example, use the heading 'First Name' for one column and 'Last Name' on the next one. Addresses should have one column for numbers and names of streets and a separate column for name of cities. These labels are important as they will be the reference point when you perform the mail merge. The merge fields that will be inserted into your Word file should match the column headings on you Excel file. Once you've completed the list save the Excel file.

2. Type your email in MS Word.
Leave blank the areas where recipient information would go. For example in the salutation, just place 'Dear' or 'To:' and leave the name blank. The names of the recipients will be placed in automatically through the mail merge. Do this with all the other parts of your email letter. Type in only the generic message that your recipients want to read.

3. Activate the Mail Merge Wizard.

Extend the Tools menu and hover the mouse pointer on 'Letters and Mailings'. From the submenu list that will appear on the side, click on Mail Merge Wizard. This will now take you through the various steps of the mail merge. Complete each step and proceed to the next one by clicking on Next.

3.1 Select a document type by choosing 'Email Messages'.
3.2 Select a starting document by choosing 'Use the current document'.
3.3 Select recipients by clicking on Browse. The Select Data Source window will open. Look for the contact information Excel file you made earlier, highlight it and click on Open. The next window will ask you to choose a table from your Excel file. Make sure the sheet where you typed in the contact information is highlighted and click on OK.
3.4 Since you've already written your letter you can proceed to adding the merge fields. Place the cursor on the appropriate blank on your Word document and then click on 'More Items' to display the column headings on your Excel file. Select the correct heading/information type and click on Insert. Do this for all the areas of your letter where you need to fill in recipient information. Email addresses should be on the top of the document.

4. Send the email.
The next two steps on the Mail Merge Wizard will allow you to preview the email message and complete the merge. On that last step choose the 'Electronic Mail' option. Type in some text for the Subject Line field and click on OK. Outlook will launch and send your email to all the recipients you included from the Excel list.

Learning this procedure can greatly speed up your communications whether it be business or personal. It will also give you an opportunity to maximize the inter-functionality of your MS Office programs.


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