How To Monetize a Website Without Using Google AdSense

There are various ways to monetize your website without relying on Google AdSense. You could make a lot of money each month by having an active website with hundreds of visitors and using one or all of the methods listed below.

  1. Join Affiliate programs. There are several affiliate programs that you can join online so you won’t have to use Google AdSense. Use your search engine to browse for affiliate programs. On the results page pick five affiliate programs and look for reviews for each. Be wary that some reviews may be paid for so weed out the ones that read like honest reviews from members. They may provide you with their website address and you can see how their webpage is designed without Google AdSense. As a member of an affiliate program you can select and customize ads for your website. Select the products you want to sell on your site and place the ads at a strategic place on the web page. The visitors on your website can click on the ad and make a purchase and you earn from every click made. You can join several programs so you are not limited to just one affiliate program. Just check if there will be compatibility issues for each of the programs you join.
  2. Sell ad space. You can sell some of that empty space you have on your website to companies who want to advertise on the internet. You can rent out the space for a certain period and then lease them out to others if they don’t renew the contract. You will have to make a sales pitch to these companies and show how active your website is. You have to assure them that you will constantly drive traffic to your site which will provide them with potential sales.
  3. Get paid to blog. Another way to monetize your website without Google AdSense is to write reviews about products or programs. Sponsored reviews have been around for some time now and bloggers have been earning from writing these reviews. Like all the other suggestions you need to have a wide audience on your website to make the sponsored reviews an effective marketing tool.
  4. Cost per Mille Advertising. Cost per Mille or CPM advertising is based on the number of visitors who view your website. Your earnings will be calculated by a thousand visitors to your website. It will depend on how much the company is offering to pay per 1 thousand visitors so if they offer to pay a dollar you could earn 10 dollars for ten thousand visitors.

Your website is not limited to just using Google AdSense to generate income. The methods listed here are being used by website owners all over the world and have been proven successful on most sites.


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