How To Morph Putty Tool in Poser Face Room

Poser 7 from Adobe Software offers tools that make animation more realistic but easier to accomplish. The Morph Putty Tool in the Poser Face Room is one of the most basic capabilities in the software. It allows you to expand, contour, scalp, etc. just by simply clicking, holding then dragging the mouse. Using the Morph tools, you can adjust the size, degree of depth, and intensity of the changes. It provides a completely new dimension for facial animation. However, these tasks may be easier to do than manually making it but it still requires some degree of skill to accomplish. Here are the basic steps you have to undergo before you putty.

1. Open your Poser Face Room. To open your face room, click the grey head icon on the right side of your screen. This will display in your screen a closer view of the face. This will allow you to make adjustments that are more detailed later on the process.

2. Open the Morph Tools To open the morph tools, find it amongst the round icons on the top of your screen. It is the second icon from the left side. Click on the icon and see the Morph Tool box come out.

3. Start preparing the display point (highlighted points with the cursor). As you can see, the Morph tool box is divided into 5 subgroups. Skip the topmost subgroup first. On the second subgroup, adjust your display point’s degree of depth. The right most icons on your screen produce lesser drastic effects than to the icons on the left.

To change the size of the display point, adjust the radius according to your preference using the sliding bar. Sliding the bar to the right of the screen will reduce the size of the radius while the opposite effect happens when the bar is slid to the left. To adjust the intensity of the changes that is produces, slide the bar indicated “Magnitude” from left to right of the screen.

4. Start morphing the image. The topmost subgroup of the Morph Tool allows you to “Pull” and “Push” parts of the image, which causes distortions of the face. As you go on changing the face, you will go by the process mentioned above several times. To avoid major mistakes from happening, move the face with one smooth but short action.

5. Readjust the display point. If you are still a beginner, it would be wise of you to make subtle adjustments of the image. After doing so, assess if the display point needs to be readjusted. To accomplish this, go back to number 3. You might need to adjust the depth, size or intensity of the display point before making another move.

6. Saving the image. Every time you make a change in the face and see a good effect do not save the image immediately. Instead, make another adjustment a couple of times. If you still feel that the series of manipulation you made is satisfactory then save it.

As mentioned, it takes little steps, a lot of patience and enough skills to excel in using the morph putty tool. Inevitably, if you practice the tool often, you will create impressive faces.


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