How To Move a Clip Around in the Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline

Adobe Premiere Pro is a real time, timeline-based video editing program usually used by professional video editors. It supports different video file formats and runs on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. Adobe Premiere Pro allows an editor to move selected clips around while editing. Below are some tips on how this process is done.

Once you have uploaded and opened the video inside the Adobe Premiere Pro program you can select parts or several frames of the video to create clips. You know that most raw video footage contain a lot of frames that you will not need for the final video that you will create. And adding and deleting portions of the raw footage give you a final, tight and cohesive video.

Review your raw footage and make list of the clips that you want to include. Click and select the clip that you want to move. You will see a translucent rectangle that will indicate the length of time that this particular clip will run. Drop it in an empty space along the timeline. If you want to move several clips at one time for inclusion in a section of the video, you can highlight them and select them as one and then drop this in the appropriate location along the timeline.

The default mode of Adobe Premiere Pro is overlay. It is active when you click on a click and drag it to the timeline. If you do not want to use this option you can press Crtl on your keyboard while clicking on the clip and then drop it along the timeline to insert the clip.  If you drag a clip that you have just placed on the timeline with the mouse button, a gap will appear on the timeline, meaning that the space is open and you will be able to drop back the clip that you have removed. It you are pressing Ctrl while you removed a clip from the timeline, the next video clip will move to the left to close the gap left by the removal of a clip.

It is also possible to move audio clips inside Adobe Premiere Pro just like the video clips. You only have to select the audio part you want move and drag it to the right audio track timeline. You have to drag the audio clip vertically to the destination track to move an audio clip. This is the same method you will use when you want to change the position of a video clip.

If you want to move a video portion of a clip that you have made to a video track, for example Video 1 and its audio to another audio track, you just drag the video portion downwards until it is past the line that separates the video and audio tracks at the bottom of the screen.  The video clip will move to Video 1 and drag and drop the audio portion to the where you want it to be. If it is the audio that you want to move to Audio 1 and the video to another track, drag the audio upwards until it is past the line that separates the audio and video tracks to effect the move of the audio to Audio 1. Drop the video to where the place that you have chosen.

Adobe Premiere Pro will also allow you to quickly rearrange clips that you have placed on the timeline. You just have to select the clips you want to rearrange and press Ctrl+Alt before dropping the clips to another location. Learn the shortcuts for navigating Adobe Premiere Pro as this will help you work faster.


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