How To Move an Ecommerce Site Between Web Hosts

A web host’s task is to make your eCommerce website accessible on the Internet and to provide you with disc space in their servers. Without a web host, your eCommerce site will not be able to operate smoothly. Regrettably, there are some instances that you need to switch web hosts, such as an unfavorable rise in their pricing, their programs no longer match the demands of your eCommerce site (like increased website traffic) or their service simply started to decline. To ensure a smooth transition of your eCommerce site from one web host to another, consider the following tips:

  1. Search for a web host that will meet the needs of your eCommerce site. There are a number of web host services that you can sign up with that offers pretty reasonable prices. Make sure that you do your research so that this time you will have a reliable web host to keep your eCommerce site running.
  2. Advise both old and new web hosts of the transfer. When you sign up for a new web host, we still recommend for you to keep your service with the old one for at least a few weeks or a month. This may cost you an extra month with the new service you signed up with, but it will definitely minimize the probability of encountering problems during the switch. Even when you are slowly moving everything to the new web host, business is still going on as usual on your eCommerce site with the aid of your old web host.
  3. Create a back up of all the data in your eCommerce site. This is the most important step that needs to be accomplished to successfully move from one web host to another. Save a back up of the entire content of your eCommerce site to a CD to make the upload on the new web host easier. Make sure that you only gather useful data for your site. This is also a good chance for you to get rid of data that your website no longer needs.
  4. Set a move date and advise your site members and followers of the move. If you have quite a number of members and followers in your site, it’s best to advise them that you are switching servers and when it will commence. We also recommend that you set a move date when you have less traffic in your eCommerce site. This will make it a lot easier for you when you upload the content of your eCommerce site to the new web host. When you are sure that everything is running smoothly on the new web host, that’s when you can completely cancel your subscription with the old one. Changes caused by the move (like change in the email address or URL name) should be forecasted to the site members.
  5. Advise your domain name registrar of the web host move. Don’t forget to advise your domain name registrar of the move so you can get the traffic going on your new eCommerce site.

It takes awhile to get used to a new web host and it may seem like you’re starting from scratch especially if you encounter problems during the move. By following the tips we’ve provided, moving your eCommerce site from one web host to another will surely be successful.


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