How To Move Beyond Search Engine Optimization

Having an optimized website for the search engines isn’t enough to increase the number of visitors and the potential activity on your website. You have to move beyond search engine optimization so visitors will keep coming back to your site. After people find your website through the search engine you want the visitors to take time to explore the contents on your site. Keeping visitors on your site longer will increase the chances of a sales transaction.  Below are some important steps to take after ranking your website on the search engines.

  1. Create quality content. It is important to have high quality content on your website if you want people to visit your website more than once. It should entice people to explore the contents on the site and make them want more from you. Most websites that have hundreds of visitors provide usable information that these people can gain knowledge from or interact with. Take for example websites that teach you how to create your own memoir; you will want the website to guide you in every step of the way. These websites will offer you membership so you can access more information and interact with the site owner and other members. You have to keep the website active by providing quality content as often as you can. Keep a regular schedule when uploading content on your website. Adhere to the schedule so visitors will know you are actively working to provide fresh content. Provide other types of content other than articles like video and audio files that members can view online or download from your site. The longer you keep your visitors on your website the better it will be for your business.
  2. Build credibility. You have to work hard to build a credible website. Fulfilling your responsibilities to visitors and members is important if you want them to trust the website to keep providing them with informative content. Once credibility is established, each visitor will share your website with friends and family which creates more business for you. Getting visitors to trust the content on your website will also mean that they will trust the ads you display. Raising the probability of visitors to click and make purchases from your website will generate more earnings.
  3. Updating visitors and members. Provide a way for your visitors to be informed when there is new content on your site. Most sites are automated with the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds so people who want to be updated about fresh content on your site will be informed through their email. 

Creating quality content on your website will raise your credibility and will increase the activity on your site. Your website has to take the next step after search engine optimization by converting visitors into potential customers.


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