How To Move Files/Sites from One FTP Server to Another

Some website owners want to use publishing applications like WordPress to create a new site with the contents from their old website, so they need to transfer files between servers. By using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application you can easily move files from one ftp server to another.

  1. Open FTP application and log in. If you have an FTP application like FileZilla, go to the shortcut on your computer or go to the “All Programs” option at the “Start” menu and then click on FileZilla at the programs list. When the FTP application opens, type the old site’s address and log in with your username and password. The FTP application will access the old site’s server and display the contents in the window on the right side of the FTP application’s interface.
  2. Locate files on the server. Browse through the folders on the right side of the interface and determine which files you want to relocate. You can take all your files from the old site if you choose to. The right panel will display a directory and subdirectories. This is where all the content like articles, images, audio files, videos and plug-ins are located.
  3. Download files to computer. First create a new folder on your computer to store the content from the old site. Now go back to your FTP application, locate the new folder on the left side panel on the interface through the window under Local Site. The left panel will also have a window for the subfolders and contents in your folders. Browse for the new folder and select it. Go to the right panel and select a file to download. Right-click on the file and then choose the transfer option. The file will start downloading to the folder on your computer. Select all the files you want to download and repeat the process.
  4. Upload files to new server. After downloading all the content from the old site you can start uploading them to the new server. Exit from the old server on the FTP application and connect to the new server. Type the new server’s address in the Address field and then use your username and password to connect to the new server. When you are connected you can start moving the content from your computer. Go to the left side of the panel and then select the folder with the content from the old server. Select the file and then go to the right panel to select the appropriate folder to move files to. Go to the left panel again and right-click on the file and then select the transfer option. When you are done moving files you can exit the FTP application.

You can use the FTP application to move additional content to your new ftp server.


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