How To Mute the Startup Sound on a Mac

The startup sound on a Mac computer can be annoying for some. Perhaps you don’t want to announce to everyone that you’re booting up your computer. Or maybe you’re in an area that should be quiet, such as a library or work space. Your Mac doesn’t have an off switch for the startup sounds. Fortunately, the software application Startup Sound is available to address this issue. Startup Sound is a free software application developed by the group Arcana Research. Follow these steps to download, install and use this useful software application.

  1. Access the official website of Arcana Research. Turn your Mac computer on and launch your choice of Web browser. Copy and paste the URL into the address bar of the web browser. Hit Enter on your keyboard to be finally directed to the homepage of Startup Sound.
  2. Start the process of downloading the software application Startup Sound. Once on the Arcana Research homepage, locate the link labeled StartupSound.prefPane at the left hand column. Click on this link to access the web page where you can download the said application. Read the information detailed in this web page regarding the system requirements, process of installation, and problems your Mac computer might encounter during the installation. Once ready to download the software application, click on the third tab found at the top labeled Software and Download. On the next web page, click on the Download button corresponding to the version of your Mac computer.Make sure you download the correct software for your Mac operating system, or the application will not work properly.
  3. Install Startup Sound on your Mac computer. Once the download is finished, click on the icon that looks like a cardboard box. Doing so will pull up the install wizard of the software application. Simply follow the instructions for installation and click on the button Continue to proceed to the next steps. Finally click on the Close button found in the window displaying the message Install Succeeded to close all the windows.
  4. Access the Startup Sound pane on your Mac computer. Now, to modify the sound volume levels of the Mac startup sound, you will need to access the System Preferences panel from the control strip. Once on the System Preferences window, go to the last section labeled Other and look for the icon Startup Sound. Click on this icon to pull up the Startup Sound pane where the volume control with slider is displayed.

Now, you can conveniently modify the volume levels of your Mac computer's startup sound. You can tick the top box to completely turn off the startup sound. You can also drag the slider to the left to minimize the sound, or drag it towards the right to turn it up. To mute the startup sound, simply tick on the Mute box. The Startup Sound software application only affects the sound volume levels of a Mac startup sound and not the input and output sound levels of the computer.


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