How To Navigate Gaps in Final Cut Pro 5

When you edit video clips in Final Cut Pro 5 you will probably get gaps between clips, especially if you have to remove certain scenes. If you don’t have any other video clips to fill in the empty spot the gap will play on your video file showing black frames. You can navigate through these gaps in your video file to locate and delete them when needed. The steps below will guide you on how to navigate between gaps.

  1. Locate the gaps in your video. To locate the gaps in your video play the video file and see if there are noticeable gaps. Some gaps may be wider than others so they will be more noticeable. Other gaps may not be seen if they are too small but will definitely show a little skip in the video. To make sure you find all the gaps in the video you can go to the timeline and locate them there. You can expand the timeline with the magnify tool if you have trouble viewing the gaps. The gap will be empty spaces in between your video clips along the timeline.
  2. Use Shift+G and Option+G. Pressing Shift+G and Option+G on your keyboard will move the cursor to the gaps in your timeline. Hold down the Shift key and then press G key on your keyboard to move the cursor towards the right side of each video clip. Holding down the Option key and then pressing the G key on your keyboard will move the cursor towards the left side of each video clip.  
  3. Delete gaps. While using the Shift+G and Option+G functions on your keyboard you can delete the gaps that you come across. When your cursor lands on a gap hold down the “Control” key and then press “G” to delete the gap. When you use the Control+G function on your keyboard it will delete the gap and then slide the next video clip into the empty space to fill it. You can continue looking for gaps to the left and right of the timeline until you have deleted all the gaps.
  4. Click the gaps. Another option you can use to move the cursor to the gaps is by selecting the positions on the timeline with your mouse. The cursor will snap to the nearest position that you select with your mouse. You can click on the gap directly with your mouse and when it is highlighted you can just press the delete button, the video clip next to it will move into the empty space.

If you have other video files and audio tracks running parallel to the gaps in the video file then you won’t be able to delete the gap. What you can do is to press the “T” key on your keyboard and then you can select the video clip on the right side of the video clip. Drag the selected clip to the left to fill in the gap.

Deleting gaps will make your video play smoothly without skips or black frames.


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