How To Navigate the Command Line for Mac Using Terminal

The terminal application on your Mac can help you configure your computer’s functions and programs. A graphical user interface represents the terminal where you can enter commands. The commands you enter can range from functions like changing directories and creating a new directory to changing the look and feel of your computer’s applications. You can also do fun things on the Mac with the terminal. You can view a simple calendar on the terminal or even make your Mac sing. Below we will show you how you can navigate the command line to make your Mac perform certain functions.

1. Open the Terminal application. Look for the Mac hard disk icon and then when you find it click the icon to open the “Finder” window. On the Finder window go to the left panel and then select “Applications”. On the right panel you will see the list of applications on your Mac. Look for the Terminal application on the right panel and then select it. The Terminal window will launch on your computer screen and then you can start typing commands.

2. Entering commands. The terminal window will show a command prompt when it opens:
    test:~ yourcomputername$

When you enter the command |s -| after the command prompt you will get your computer’s directory list.

3. Show calendar. To show a simple calendar that displays the present date in your terminal window, enter the command “cal” after the command prompt. You can also view the days in a specific month at a future date. If you enter “cal 5 2030” you will see the days in the month of May in the year 2030. To see the complete calendar in the year 2030 you can enter the command line “cal 2030” and you will see every day and month in 2030.

4. Make the Mac play a tune. You can make your Mac play a tune with lyrics you provide. First set the volume halfway so it will be audible but not too loud. Use the command line:

    osascript –e “set volume 50”

Now to make your Mac sing with the lyrics you provide and using a Pipe Organ voice you type the command line:

    osascript –e ‘say “la la fa fa hee hee” using “Pipe Organ”

Listen as your Mac starts singing a tune.

There various functions you can do on in your Mac’s terminal window. If you need to change an application’s functionality or run simple programs you can do it through the command line in your Terminal window. Try to learn more commands so you can troubleshoot problems or configure the settings on your Mac so it will perform better. You can find a complete list of commands on the internet. Save the list on your computer and print out a hard copy so you can access the commands when you need them.


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