How To Open a Comcast Email Account

Comcast started out as a cable TV company and became one of the major providers in this area. They eventually expanded their services to digital voice and high-speed broadband Internet. To open a Comcast email account, you must first have them as your Internet Service Provider.

  1. Subscribe to Comcast's high-speed Internet service. It's important that you first verify what services from Comcast are available in your area, particularly if the broadband Internet service reaches your current home or business location. On the official website, they provide a means for you to submit your address and then they'll reply with what services are available along with the subscription prices. When you've completed your subscription and payment they'll send you a Self-Installation Kit which includes the modem, cables and a manual to guide you through the process of setting up your computer for their connection.
  2. Set up your email account. During the installation process you will be asked to enter a username. This username will be associated with your primary account. You will use it to sign in and access its online services and your email. If you place john_doe as your username then your email account will be Part of the programs you installed for Comcast broadband Internet is a client-side email program. That means you can open, download and store your messages locally in your computer. The online interface for Comcast email accounts is SmartZone Communications Center. You can directly go there after signing in and start configuring your Comcast email account. You can for example add 6 more email accounts.
  3. Configure your email program to work with Comcast servers. You have the option to associate other email programs such as Outlook express with your Comcast account. The hitch is that if you use two or more of such programs, your email messages could be scattered to these various programs. It is much better to just link one email program to Comcast. If this is not doable, then you must configure the programs and your Comcast account to retain your messages on Comcast's mail server so that they are always available for reading.
  4. Migrate your email through EasyChange. If you decide to forego your other email accounts with other service providers, Comcast offers a way for you to migrate your address book and your messages of the last 30 days from your old account to Comcast. Download the EasyChange application from their website and follow the step-by-step instructions on the installation wizard. You'll need to enter your old username and password and your new Comcast username and password. After installation, the program will do the transfer automatically. You have the option to send your contacts a notification of your new email address.

Comcast's SmartZone Communications Center centralizes email and digital voice in one interface. The digital voice service naturally will only be available if you also included this in your subscription.


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