How To Open a DWF File

A DWF file is the acronym for Autodesk Design Web Format. This file contains a 3D image from Autodesk related 2D or 3D files. It usually complements the .dwg extension of Autodesk software. The good thing about DWF is that it preserves a lot of the imaging features with the extension. But the challenge is the limits of being able to open a DWF file. Here are some of your available options: 

  • Scan for viruses. Before doing anything else, scan the file for viruses and make sure that you got the right file. If at all possible, memorize the file name so that you will not have to refer to your explorer window each time you try to open the file. It will also be advisable for you to consolidate all the DWF files in a single folder so that you will not have to deal with having to search for each file manually.
  • AutoDesk Program. The DWF extension file is ideally viewed on AutoDesk software. So if you can, make sure you install the Autodesk software in your computer. The only problem is that this requires a very huge memory capacity. In some computers, which are small in size and memory, it is not AutoCAD capable.
  • Compatible Versions. When you are installing the AutoCAD, make sure that you are getting the latest version. This will ensure that it will open the DWF file, no matter how early or late the DWF file has been made. If you install an early (although that's cheaper, usually) version of Autodesk software, some of the recently creating DWF files may not be able to open there.
  • Alternative Programs. You can also choose to get alternative programs. In fact, if you are just trying to view a single file, you do not need to install anything. Google Chrome, the Web's latest browser that rivals Mozilla Firefox and IE, has its own way of opening DWF files from its browser. You can check Google Chrome's method and see if it will work for you.
  • Converters. If in case you cannot really get alternative programs and Autodesk, you can opt to install converters that will convert your DWF into another form. You can choose the DWG format. Although DWG is also an AutoCAD extension, this is much more friendly and easy to view in most applications than the DWF. DWG is more common and the more prudent choice if you do need to convert.
  • Free Viewers Online. McDwiff for Mac and Autodesk free DWF viewer are just some examples of free viewers, although they will not allow you to have editing capabilities. The DWF extension is quite exclusive and may not exactly be that easily edited or modified. The good thing about viewers is that you can at least inspect the contents of the file before trying to get a hold of Autodesk software. You can also try third party apps like those provided by Info Graph.

In case you still do not find any of these options working for  your situation, it is best to check out Autodesk's website since they are the ones which invented this extension file type, and they are most equipped to help you deal with this file extension better than any third party company or application.


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