How To Open an AOL Account

AOL or America Online is an Internet service provider company. AOL became extremely known for releasing a set of proprietary software applications also called AOL. This application enabled all those with AOL Internet accounts to have AOL email addresses. With an AOL account, one is able to securely surf the Web as the software has built in firewall protection and an anti-phishing software application. AOL released some more security tools such as the AOL Active Virus Shield and AOL Active Security Monitor to make sure that clients' computers have protection against computer viruses while searching through the World Wide Web. Before, an individual has to subscribe to AOL's Internet connection services as a way of getting an AOL email account. Now, it can be accessed for free.

  1. Access the official website. Open an Internet browser. Afterwards, go to the address bar and type in to access AOL's website.
  2. Provide needed information. Once in the website, click on Get Free Mail tab located at the left hand side, just right below the My Links tab. You will be directed to another page where your vital user information will have to be provided. Type in your first and last name in the corresponding text fields. After that, enter your desired email address. This should be within 3 to 16 characters and should start with a letter. After that, provide your desired password. This should consist of at least 6 characters. The maximum for the password would be 16 characters. Afterwards, re-type the password in the respective text field.
  3. Set your security question. The next section that needs completion entails choosing your secret question and your corresponding answer. This secret question will be asked of you in case you access your AOL email address with the use of an incorrect password. In the Account Security Section field, there is a drop down menu. Select one from the list of pre-set questions. After that, provide your answer in the next field. Re-type the answer to your secret question in the next text field.
  4. Enter other required information.  Type in your zip or postal code, your birthday and your gender in the provided blank fields.
  5. Finish up.  Type in the word you see in the Image Challenge box. This is to make sure that it's a human being creating the e-mail account and not some random computer program. After that, just click on Submit.

AOL provides numerous online tools to its clients. One of these is the Parental Controls which provides options not just to set time limits but Web browsing controls as well as a way to protect kids from accessing malicious or questionable content. Just navigate through the website to learn more about these.


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