How To Order Monster Truck Tickets

“Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” So the Monster Jam World Finals is coming up in Vegas and you don’t have the time to run down to the ticket store and get them yourself. No fear, there are so many sites now where you could order them online. You might even get your Monster Jam Tickets at a lower price than usual.

Monster Truck Season is usually held from January to March. Monster Jam has events in November to kick off the season, but the Finals happen in late March. There’s also Monster Jam Summer Heat for the summer, but there are events all year round. So unless you want to limit your monster truck action to your Traxxas Revo RCs, book your tickets early if it’s a major event. With about 2.5 million people attending yearly, tickets can get hard to find even online.

  • First of all you could search for tickets at the major ticket sites. It seems that is what the monster truck events usually use to partner up with in their commercials, so check there first. Today there’s usually a website shown in the videos, so it would be better to go somewhere official so that you don’t have to worry if the tickets are fake or not.
  • Some major ticket sites I can give you aside from TicketMaster are Ticket Network, Razor Gator, Tick Co, Stub Hub! TicketsNow, Ticket Solutions, and of course, eBay. Once there, the site usually has a search mechanism, so you could find your event more quickly, and if they don’t have one, check out the ‘Sports’ section and look for ‘monster truck’. Once there, look for your event. Beside it, there’s usually going to be a link to let you buy the tickets, and if you’re lucky you could get the tickets with free shipping.
  • You can choose from a Full Price Ticket, Child Tickets (aged 3 -12), VIP Tickets, and Promotional Tickets. Tickets range from 10 to about 25 dollars, depending on the venue and your seat choice. In a small venue, it’s better to get something with pit access seats to get your money’s worth. A rally in a small arena doesn’t get to let the trucks crash and tumble to their maximum power, so unless you’re with a kid, it might just be better to wait for the next big event to see Bigfoot to really party.
  • There’s a site called that helps you compare ticket prices from major ticket sites, which is useful so you could get to see where you could get your money’s worth and probably get your tickets at a cheaper price. It links you to the ticket sites from there too. If you have time, don’t stick to just one site.

So there you go, where to get monster truck tickets online. Newbies, bring earplugs. Be there!


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