How To Organize a Family Reunion Blog

Blogs are a fascinating innovation in Internet technology. With their inception, any person can share their thoughts, experiences, and any form of expression with the rest of the world via the Internet. It is popularly used for online diaries and content marketing. However, there are virtually limitless uses for a blog. One popular use is to link family members together through one online interface. The blog can house any family information for all members of the family to peruse and comment on. All upcoming and previous family events can be highlighted on the blog along with pictures, videos, and member sponsored articles. This makes a blog a fantastic medium to bring family members together.

Organize the events and contents. Make several lists of information you will need to upload and organize on your family blog site. Make a list of the family members that you would want to visit and access the blog. In that list, identify the members that you would want to contribute to the blog. Create another list for the upcoming family events such as reunions and vacation trips. Another great tip will be to organize a family tree that you can upload on the blog as well.

Set up the blog site. Once you have organized the information you will need on paper including the initial layout, set up a free blog account online. There are many companies that provide free accounts for blogs. and are some of the more popular sites that offer free blog accounts. Normally, these companies provide a step by step guide on how to create an account and organize your site. In addition, these sites are very user friendly. So, if you are computer-challenged, do not be afraid since it is foolproof. All you have to do is go to the site and sign up. Make sure to follow the instructions exactly. These sites offer customer support as well. Prepare your pictures, videos, and articles that you will want to upload and layout. Assign usernames and password for the members and contributors for the blog.

Contact your family members. The next step will be to invite the family members to visit the blog. Contact each of them and get their email address. Most people already have email addresses but for those that don’t help them sign up for a free email account. and are some of the more popular free email services. Once you have their email addresses, send them an e-invitation via email. Include the blog link or URL in the invite. Make sure that they visit the site to get information on when or where the reunion will take place. Give blog access to those family members that would want to contribute to the blog content.

Update the blog. Make sure to constantly update the blog with vital information about any upcoming events. Upload photos and videos of the past family events so that all family members can reminisce. You may put up surveys and polls where people can vote as well. This can be a fun tool to know what most of the family wants on the blog or event.

There are many other tips to improve the blog. The most important thing about a family reunion blog is that the people in the family should visit the site frequently for updates. Constant blog management and email follow ups may be required for it to succeed.


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