How To Perform an Online Mail Merge

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Mail merge is the function that allows users to merge different types of documents into a single template or document. The most common type of online mail merging is the one that has a spreadsheet, such as Windows Excel and a Word Document. The information from the Excel sheet can be merged together with the information on the Word Document.

Some of the popular word processors that are capable of mail merging are Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro, Microsoft Works, Pages and Word Perfect. Mail merging is very helpful, especially for people who are working on databases.

Here are some tips on how you can perform an online mail merge:

  1. Main Purpose. The main purpose of a mail merge is to make it easier to create multiple files having the same format but have different data. Mail merge can also create envelopes, labels and other personalized items. Mail merging usually has two or more files. The first one is called the main document and the second is the data source. The main document is the information that remains constant and the data source is the information that can vary. The mail merge results in another document that has all the data of the main document and the data source combined.
  2. Starting Mail Merging. The first step that you have to do is determine the main document of your mail merging in Microsoft Word. Click on the “Tools” tab and choose “Mail Merge”. You will then have to select the type of main document that you want to create. You will have the option to create form letters, mailing labels, catalogs and envelopes. If you already have a main document, you will have to choose “Active Window” when prompted.
  3. Data Source. Click on “Get Data” so that you can select your data source. For the data source, you have four options. The first one is to create a data source, the second is open a data source, the third is to use the address book as a data source and the fourth is header options. Once you have chosen your data source, you can select “Edit Main Document”.
  4. Editing Text. In editing the main document, you can add all the things that you want to be present in all the records. You can add fields to the main document by selecting “Insert Merge Field” button. Before doing the merging of the documents, you can first check to see if you have made all the necessary adjustments to the main document. Click on the “View Merged Data” button.
  5. Merging. When you are already sure that all the data is correct, you can start merging. You have different choices for the merge. These are, merge to new document, merge to printer, merge to e-mail or merge to electronic fax. To do an online merge to your e-mail click the “Setup” button and select the field where an e-mail address is. All you have to do is type the subject of the e-mail and choose if you want to send it as an attachment or not. You can then send the data to a mail account.

These are the steps that you have to follow so that you can create your own online mail merge. Mail merging is a great way for you to merge different types of information without having to type all of the templates over and over.


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