How To Play 3GP and AMR in Windows Media Player or Real Player

Watch AMR Files Using Your Cell Phone and Your PC

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First let's go through and define what 3GP and AMR files are for those who are not familiar with the terms or are confused by their function. An AMR file is one used by almost all cell phones today to compress voice recording such as MMS messages. 3GP is another form of a mobile form file format which has been designed to hold all forms of multimedia from cell phones today and transfer them to other high speed wireless networks. One reason this is important to know is that many cell phone users are wondering how or if they can take these media files and play them from their Windows Media Player or Real Player -- and the answer is yes!

Now you're ready to learn how to play 3GP and AMR in Windows Media Player or Real Player.

  1. In order to use Real Player to watch AMR files and 3GP files you have to download the Nokia PC Suite. This can be downloaded for free directly from the Nokia website. This codec program takes the files from your mobile phone and encodes them properly to be viewed through Real Player.
  2. If you prefer watching and using Windows Media Player, you will be required to download klcodec which is a similar program to what Nokia offers but used solely for WMP. This can be found through and is also a free operating program.
  3. Once you have downloaded one or both of these programs, it is time to connect your cell phone to your PC through a USB or using your cell's memory card.
  4. The software you have downloaded will automatically start up once your media has been inserted and is ready to be converted to the proper file format for Real Player or Windows Media Player.

As you can see the process for how to play 3GP and AMR in Windows Media Player or Real Player is incredibly simple and the software is available for free to help you utilize your cell phone's media files from your PC. This is a great way to store your files and prevent overload on your cell phone's memory the more media you continue to accumulate. Stop deleting your cell phone media and save them on your PC today! It is quick and simple and the software is incredibly safe to download to your PC. Take advantage of what Nokia and klcodec have developed to help cell phone users.

It doesn't matter if you prefer Real Player to WMP, there is software out there for both. Choose which player is best for you and get started so you can watch AMR files today.


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