How To Use Peter Answers: Psychic Website

Find Tricks for this Psychic Source

Peter Answers is an online psychic game where you find virtual Tarot that will entertain and amaze you. 

Stop asking yourself, "How does Peter Answers work?" Follow these simple steps and you will know the tricks to play the game and give online psychic readings. 

At least 2 friends

  1. Go to PeterAnswers. The site is simple and allows you to petition or ask “Peter, please answer the following question.” In theory, Peter will answer your question to wow and amaze you and your friends.
  2. Man with crystal ballIgnore the directions of the site. Realize that Peter Answers is not a real psychic website, but instead a gag you can play on your friends. So the directions are a front.
  3. Tell your friends to decide on a question beforehand and concentrate on their question. Sell it up as a legitimate psychic source if you can. Let your friends know how mystifying Peter is. Suggest some miraculous things you learned on the site at a previous time. Get into it and you’ll have more fun.
  4. Type in the answer you want to appear. In the petition field, start with a period (.). Then type in the answer you want to appear. End with a colon (:). For example if your friend’s question is, “What are we watching on TV,” and the answer is “CSI.” Type in “.CSI:” The field will fill with the request “Peter, please…” instead of what you type.
  5. Type in the question. In the Question field, type your question. Be sure to end with a question mark (?). Hit ENTER. A disclaimer screen will appear.
  6. Accept the terms. Click on the “I Accept” button.
  7. Wait for the answer to appear. In only a few seconds, Peter will respond with your answer. Your friends will be amazed.
  8. Practice a few times. It’s a good idea to practice before trying this with a group. When you type in the answer, you want to avoid any typos. You cannot see what you actually type in the petition field, so watch your key strokes instead. Also, if you want to really fool your friends, you should pretend to type so that the full line of “Peter, please…” is filled in. You can hit the space bar to fill in the letters but don’t be obvious.
  9. Amaze your friends. This is a great game to play at a party or when you are hanging out late at night. Be prepared for some startling responses and don’t give the secret away.

All it takes to learn how to use Peter Answers is a little practice! And once you get the hang of it, you can have fun playing the game. The more you play up the experience, the more your friends will be surprised. The virtual Tarot of Peter Answers is a blast for anyone who takes the time to play around with it.


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