How To Post Yahoo Personals

Creating a meaningful relationship in a large community is easier now because of Yahoo Personals. Connecting with new friends and finding a romantic or special friend through online communities is as easy and swift as sending electronic mail. To post on Yahoo Personals, you have to be a registered Yahoo user first. Once a registered Yahoo user, you can make your own profile with a photo, upload it to the website, and then reply to profiles that make contact with you.

  1. Sign up to create a Yahoo User account. If already a Yahoo User, sign in by entering your Yahoo ID and password.
  2. Once signed in, click the button “Create a Free Profile” located near the top of the page. You have to click “continue” to accept the code of conduct agreement. You have to make and post your profile.
  3. At this stage, you are now on the first step in creating your profile. Complete each of the 4 steps in the process by clicking “Continue” at the bottom of each page. In any case that you can’t continue what you are doing, you may click “Save and Finish Later” and finish your profile at another time.
  4. At the last stage, you may review how your profile appears to other users by clicking “Preview & Submit Profile”. If you want to make changes, you can do so by clicking the “Edit” link for the portion of the profile that you would like to change, or directly click on any characteristics in the profile.
  5. Once you are done with editing, you may submit your profile by clicking the “Submit Profile” button. Once your profile has been submitted, the profile approval process will start.

You will then receive a message that your profile will be updated once it is reviewed by the Customer Care Team. You will be reminded to keep an eye open for email updates and messages regarding the status of your profile. Once your profile is approved, your profile will appear in the search results within 48 hours.

Having a photo on your profile would be more appealing to others who would like to communicate with you. To add a photo on your profile:

  1. Click the “Add Photo” link. 
  2. Click the “Browse” button and select the photo you would like to upload.
  3. Find and highlight the photo file you want to post, and then click the “Open” button. Being creative would help make other users more interested in your profile.
  4. Adding a caption to your photo will make your profile more attractive to others. Then click the “upload” button.

Once you become a paying subscriber, you can now start making relationships with other users. Connecting with other users, choosing whom you would like to communicate with, and when becomes a simple pleasure once you are a subscriber. Other options aside from being a paying subscriber is to create a free personal profile in which you can also describe who you are and who you are seeking. 


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