How To Prepare a LAN Cable Diagram

Writing LAN diagram

Isn’t it amazing as to how in just a few cable connections, it is possible to access the Internet? Yes, with the proper installation of a LAN cable, the Internet is within everyone’s reach. And the good thing about this connection is that anyone can work on this project.

With just a simple cable diagram, this complicated task can become as easy as you can think. Therefore, before even setting up the connection, you need to prepare first a good and simple diagram. This will determine the easiness and convenience of this project. So to help you prepare your own LAN cable diagram, here is the process that you need to follow:

  1. Determine what the devices you will need are. Before even starting preparing the diagram, you need to know all the devices that you need. This includes the computer, router, pinout cable, and other devices. Aside from these, you also need to determine the tools needed for setting up these devices.
  2. Know how each device is installed. Of course, you can never make your own gigabit cable diagram if you do not know how they are set up. You need to learn this setup connection first. If you wish, you can check out connector resources in books or in the Internet. If you haven’t seen one yet, you can picture out how the whole system is being set up.
  3. Imagine how the diagram will look like. Before drawing the equipment as well as the cables, think about how you want the LAN gigabit cable diagram to appear. It can be a straight line representation, a circular one, or any other format that you want to apply on the illustration. Just keep in mind that the more simple it is, the better. Of course, you will not want the diagram to appear so complicated when you want to represent a simple Netgear cable installation.
  4. Decide on how you will indicate the parts as well as the connector. For a more visual hub cable diagram, you can draw the computer, the router, as well as all the hub cable in the system. However, if you cannot be detailed about drawing all the components, you can just make a representation of each component. You can make out shapes or even just words in referring to a particular part.
  5. Place colors on the components as well as the cables. For the diagram to promote ease of understanding, you can assign colors to different LAN components.
  6. Label all necessary parts in the diagram. It is essential that the figure and its components can be easily understood. Labels will be a great help for this.
  7. Place a legend for the pinout cable illustration. Aside from labels, a diagram legend can help in the easier understanding of the figure. Give details on what the colors stand for, the length of the cable needed, and the like. Make sure that when you look at the illustration, you cannot think of any other questions related to it. Remember, the goal of the diagram is for easier LAN cable installation.

Following these guidelines, you can surely come up with an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow LAN cable diagram. With clear representations of each component, you will never have a hard time anymore in terms of setting up Internet LAN connections.


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