How To Print Pages from Google Books

Are you a book fanatic or a book series fan? Visiting local bookstores or outlet stores will no longer be a problem. Google books has made it easier and more convenient for you. Searching, locating and even print pages of quality books is all possible right from the computer. Comparing book prices from different sites is another advantage of this site. Acquiring quality books at the lowest price with the convenience of staying right in your own home is also possible.

Here are some steps on how to print pages from Google books:

  1. Visit the Google website. When you open your computer, go directly to Google. Type in the search box "Google Books" and press enter. Several sites will appear containing information related to Google Books. Choose Google Books' Home Page. For easier access you can visit there website at
  2. Locate your book. In the Google books website, a search book button is provided in locating a book you want. Typing the title of the book and the author may help you find the book you are searching for. Typing in the category section will help you find it as well. At the right side of the website, the category of the books is displayed. These categories have their sub categories. Like for fiction, it has literature, science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery and so on. Non-fiction categories are philosophy, economics, political science, linguistics and so on. The site also provided "Random Subject" category to create vast choices for you to view or print. Icons having print buttons like print activity, print Disney, print cartoon or any permitted printable materials are good to use.
  3. Check the status of the book. Once you have located your desired book, you need to see the status of the book. Most of the books only provide previews. Copyright and author requirement needs to be strictly followed. Some books are allowed for downloads like those books classified as Public Domain books. Most often, these books are stored in JPEG files. Those books that have limited access are up for sale. Google Books provide selling sites located at the middle left of the website which says "Get this book."
  4. It's ready to print. The first thing you need to check on this is your personal printer. Make sure it is properly working and the ink supply is full. Put the book pages in a full screen mode. Full screen icon is located at the upper left corner of the page. You can resize the font by clicking the zoom in and zoom out button located in the upper left side of your screen. A content button is also provided for easier location of the events in the book. Whether it is picture pages, activity pages or any pages that are allowable to view. Once you are done, make a right click on your mouse or touch pad, several icons will appear, click the "print" button. Upon clicking it, your printer software will respond. Adjust to whichever page settings you like. The number of pages, page number and so on. Once everything is finalized, click print.

Finding good books is now easier and accessible. Wasting time and money are now far from happening since the Google Books provide overviews, reviews and ratings before actually buying the book. You can either print pages or download permitted pages of a book which made it more appealing than visiting your local shops.


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