How To Promote and Increase Traffic to Your HowToDoThings Articles

More Article Marketing Strategies

The web page structure of your HowToDoThings articles is pretty good as far as page optimization elements go. But that’s only one piece of the search engine ranking puzzle. As mentioned in this organic search engine traffic article, link popularity earned from incoming links on other web pages, forums and blogs is the most important element for search engine ranking. So, here are more article marketing strategies.

Step 1

Put links to your articles in white papers, reports, guides and product or service reviews. If you’ve written white papers, reports, product or service reviews and guides, you probably have the ability to virally promote your articles. This strategy goes beyond just pointing to your articles in email links.

Free white papers, guides and reports are commonly used as bonuses offered by marketers to add value to products and services. If your article is related to the subject and adds value to a white paper or report, put links to it in the document. Or…

Convert the document to a PDF and make it freely available as downloadable content for other websites to use on their websites, blogs or forums.

Step 2

Use your YouTube videos in your articles with a link to your article in the video description. If you’ve got videos uploaded to YouTube that you can use for your HowToDoThings articles, you can use this promotion strategy, which has two benefits. As noted, the first is the ability to embed links from the videos to your article right in the description of the video. The second is a neat little feature on YouTube that shows viewing statistics for videos that are embedded on other websites. In those stats are links back to the top five websites that viewed the videos from embedded links. If the views of the video from your HowToDoThings article are in the top five viewing sites listed in the YouTube statistics, then you have yourself a link from YouTube directly to your article.

Step 3

Write for other article submission websites. Articles you write for other article submission websites can be seeded in the author bio with links back to your HowToDoThings articles. And unlike HowToDoThings, the articles on many article submission sites are promoted for use as content on other sites.

That means if the article is viral enough to be used as content by other webmasters on their sites or blogs, you’ll have links from every website that posts your article. Remember, the links are most valuable if they’re closely related in theme to your HowToDoThings article.

Step 4

Watermark the images in your articles. When using images in your HowToDoThings articles, place a HowToDoThings watermark in the image. There are two reasons why. First, the major search engines index images, which can show up in generic web search results as well as keyword image searches. Second, many websites, especially social networking sites, forums and blogs use these images.

Trying to keep track of where all your images are being used is a daunting task. But some uses of your images can provide subtle promotion of the image source when the image is watermarked with a brand name or a website. Watermarking animated GIF images makes it difficult for the casual user to alter your images without consent. Here’s an example of a watermarked animated GIF:


These strategies are by no means unique to HowToDoThings. They can be employed using most, if not all of your original articles on any of your websites, blogs or forums.

Rick Contrata owns and operates a number of websites offering small business owners and webmasters information about Internet marketing, finance and online tools for web design and website promotion.



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