How To Protect Your E-Gold Account from Hackers

We're on the internet most of the day and sometimes we pick up malicious programs that infiltrate our computer's files that pick out information about our log-in details, like passwords and other account data. If you have viruses on your computer like Trojans or spyware, then most likely your e-gold account information might have been hacked. Once your computer is vulnerable, hackers can get sensitive information directly from your computer. There are ways to safeguard your personal information and keep your e-gold account secure.

Memorize your E-gold password. Never write it down or type it in a document and save it on your computer's hard disk. The less data you have about your access information lying around on your hard disk, the better. Pick out a password that is more than 6 characters. Combine letters, numbers and an occasional symbol to create a unique password.

Change your password often. As in all other accounts, you should also change your e-gold account's password regularly to deter hackers from getting in. You can set up a schedule to change your password every week, or every day, it's totally up to you but do change it as often as you can.

Make sure you have a firewall program activated. Aside from your Windows firewall, you may want to acquire another program to ensure better protection. A second firewall system will filter and secure all your activities on the internet. It will monitor malicious programs and will automatically notify you to take action. The firewall stops the Trojan virus or keylogger program from its attempt to infiltrate your computer and harvest sensitive information.

Install an Anti-Virus Program. The anti-virus program will help keep your computer clean by scanning downloaded files or programs, malicious actions being made by websites and look for virus infections on all files and alert you once it's found one. You can delete these files safely without affecting your computer's performance.

Empty out your Temporary Internet files cache and delete cookies. Go to your disk cleanup tool and delete all temporary files and deleted files that reside in the recycle bin. Download a C: cleaner to make sure it cleans out your browser's cache. It will also find inconsistencies in your registry and prompt you to fix or ignore them.

These are just some ways to protect your E-Gold account. Having a clean computer free from keyloggers and Trojans will ensure your personal information and account won't be hacked into.


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