How To Record a Sound on a Mac

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There are several ways to record a sound on the Mac. You can record any type of sound be it a recording of your voice, songs from a CD or melodies from a guitar. We will explore a few of these ways to record a sound on a Mac.

  1. Use Simple Sound. First we need to configure our inputs or where the sound will be recorded from. Go to the left corner of your monitor and you will find the Apple Menu. Select the menu and then click Control Panels. Under Control Panels click the Monitors and Sound application then select the Sound icon. When you see the Sound Monitoring Source section, there will be a list of sources available to select from such as RCA In, Sound In, and Built-in Mic to name a few. Choose where your sound will be coming from or where you will record the sound from then select the quality of the sound output. There are a few choices such as 44,100 kHz, 22,050 kHz or 11,025 kHz, select a sound quality then you are set to record. Go to the Apple menu then click Simple Sound to activate the application. At the Simple Sound File menu choose the New option and a recording interface will appear. Activate recording through the Record button then it will start recording the sound coming from the source you chose earlier. Stop the recording process when you're done and save your sound file. You can now play the sound file in a player of your choice.
  2. Use QuickTime Pro. First check if your Mac is set up to record from a source like a built in microphone or you can specify a location. Go to the System Preferences on your computer and click the Sound option. At the Sound application you will see three different tabs labeled Input, Output, and Sound effects. The sound effects option may already have a default setting so you can leave that as is. On the output option it will show where the sound is being sent so you can hear it, this will usually show your speakers as the default. At the input option it will show the different inputs available, since we will record from the built in microphone, we will check if the sound level is picking up any sound from the microphone. If ambient noise reduction is available for this option you can configure this to lessen the noise from the background. Now that your settings are configured, go to your QuickTime application and select New Audio Recording from the File Menu, a recording interface will appear. Click the red button to start recording then click the stop button to stop. Save your recorded sound then play it back to hear the sound.

These simple procedures will record any sound coming from the selected source and then you can save it for playback.


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