How To Remove a Friend from Facebook

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So you decided to clean your Facebook account and remove "friends" whom you have only met once and whose face you have probably forgotten already.

Or maybe you decided to remove someone who always makes fun of other aspects of your Facebook profile. How do you do that? Let me show you exactly how to achieve that, no matter why you want to remove a friend from your Facebook profile.

Step 1

Login to your Facebook account.

Step 2

Find the person whom you want to remove. You can enter the person's name in the search box and select the correct person or you can use the All Friends page to locate him or her.

Step 3

Click on the person's name and go to his or her Facebook profile page.

Step 4

Observe the left side of the page, the one with Friends list and Information (not the Wall tab on the right).

Step 5

Scroll down to the end of the left side. The right side of the page may go further down but we are not interested in that. See the "Remove From Friends" at the bottom of the left side? Bingo!

Step 6

Click on the "Remove From Friends." A popup will appear to confirm your decision to remove him or her from your Friends.

Step 7

Click on "Remove Friend" to confirm the removal, or cancel if you change your mind. Congratulations, now you have successfully removed the person from your Friend list. He or she will no longer be able to see your profiles (if you keep it private) or write on your Wall. You will no longer receive news from him or her in your Newsfeed and vice versa.

Removing a friend from your Facebook account is simple and easy. However, note that if you change your mind and want him or her back on your list again, you will need to add the person by sending a friend request. Another thing to note is that once you removed a person from your friend list, you are automatically removed from his or her friend list as well.


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