How To Repair Windows Internet Explorer

Surfing the Internet is indeed one of the most informative and enjoyable treats the new technology has offered to people. Without access to the Internet, an individual would be like a blind captain in a vast ocean. The Internet gives people the chance to be informed of the recent events around the globe and the chance to communicate with a variety of people. Thus, the Internet plays a major role in society’s growth and welfare. What if the connection to the Internet is interrupted because of a damaged Internet Explorer? What should you do?

Here are the ways to restore Windows Internet Explorer for both XP and Vista users. These techniques are only applicable if the Explorer crashed because of missing registration data or damaged files. Here are the techniques in repairing Explorer 7 and 8:

Technique 1: Install a new version of Internet Explorer 7 or 8

Repair and reinstall Internet Explorer with the help of the following sites:

You may get an installer for Internet Explore 8 from the following sites:

Once you are in the site, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the link that will lead to the download process.
  2. Click “SAVE” and choose a path in which you would like to save your installer.
  3. Once the downloading process has been completed, open the path, and look for the downloaded software.
  4. Press right click and choose “RUN”. You will see a tab that will ask if you want to run the program. Choose “RUN”.
  5. Click “OK” for the terms of agreement.
  6. Wait until the download process is completed.
  7. Check if your Internet Explorer is working.

Technique 2: Retune your originals settings of Internet Explorer

Aside from installing a new version of the product, you may also repair setup or use the “REPAIR SYSTEM RESTORE” option to augment damage in your Internet Explorer 7 or 8. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Internet Explorer.
  2. If you are on the homepage of your Internet Explore, look for the “TOOLS” menu. It could be found on the upper left corner of the web site.
  3. Look for the tab “INTERNET OPTIONS” from the “TOOLS” menu.
  4. Choose “ADVANCED” option. Click the tab “RESET”.
  5. A dialog box will appear. Click “RESET”.
  6. Restart your Internet Explorer. See if the changes you made cured your Internet Explorer dilemma.

Technique 3: Install a new version of Windows XP

Replacing Windows to Service Pack 3 of Windows XP is recommended. Installing a new version of Windows XP will help solve your problem with Internet Explorer. Follow these steps:

1.    You may download a copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3 from the following sites:

2.    Choose “EXPRESS INSTALL” option.
3.    Click “INSTALL”.
4.    Read the License Terms of the company.
5.    If you agree, click “AGREE”.

The repair commands given are easy to follow. You do not need to hire technicians. Just follow the step that is most suitable for your Internet Explorer dilemma, and the problem will surely disappear.


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