How To Resolve the "Error on Page" Message

If you are using Internet Explorer as your default browser, you may probably have encountered the “Error on Page” message. This is actually very common when using Internet Explorer. This message occurs for several reasons. One cause may be due to some connectivity problems. This means that the browser was not able to read properly the web page you are trying to browse. Another cause may be due to items missing in the web page or it may be because of incompatibility issues.

Resolving the “Error on Page” message in Internet Explorer is not that difficult. There are actually several methods to resolve this problem.

  1. Refresh the browser. The simplest method to resolve the “Error on Page” issues in Internet Explorer is to simply refresh your browser. Click the refresh button on your IE or simply press F5. Wait for your browser to load properly. This usually does the trick.
  2. Verify if the “disable script debugging” box is checked. Another method is to disable the script debugging in your browser. Open another Internet Explorer browser and click tools in the menu bar. Then click the “Internet options” and go to “advanced” options. From there, you will see different options. Make sure that the “disable script debugging” box is checked and the “disable a notification about every script error” is marked unchecked. Click “apply” button then press “ok”.
  3. Check if Active Scripting, ActiveX and Java are not blocked. Active scripting, ActiveX and Java play a role in displaying the images in different webpage. Another reason why you see an “Error on Page” message on your browser is because Active scripting, ActiveX and Java are blocked in your browser. To reset the settings, open Internet Explorer. Go to the Tools menu and click the Internet options. From there, go to Security tab and click the default level. When you’re done, click ok and refresh the page.
  4. Remove temporary files. When your Internet temporary files are too many, it may disrupt the loading process of a webpage; thus, causing the “Error on Page” message to occur. You can easily remove Internet related files on your computer by simple opening another Internet Explorer browser and go to the Tools menu. Then go to Internet options and click on the General tab. Check the “delete browsing history on exit” box and click the delete tab. This will delete all Internet history on your computer. Click ok, and refresh the page.
  5. Download updates for your browser. If the above methods still don’t work, check the latest upgrade for your Internet Explorer. If you do not have the latest upgrades and service packs, download and install them to your computer. These upgrades may help you resolve the “Error on Page” issue in your Internet Explorer.

These are the steps that can help you resolve the “Error on Page” message in Internet Explorer. If none of these methods is working, it might be because you didn’t wait for the webpage to load properly. Make sure that the bottom left hand corner of your browser indicates that it is done loading before clicking other links on the webpage.


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