How To Restore Computer Sound

For most computer users, sound is an important part of using the computer. It allows you to listen to videos and music on your computer. At one point, you might experience a sound malfunction with your computer. This problem may be due to a variety of reasons. This article will teach you how to restore the computer sound system.

Conduct a sound check on your speakers. Before you start panicking, the first thing you need to do is to test the sound of your computer. Often times, the sound of your computer disappears because of simple reasons like accidentally muting your speakers. These accidents can happen. Or maybe a certain file is corrupt, which can cause playing problems. Check every possible reason. Try playing a music or video on a different application. If there is still no sound, then your problem may be due to your soundcard or your hard drive.

Check the volume control of your computer. The next thing you need to do is check the volume control of your computer. On the toolbar menu on the lower right of the desktop, click the volume icon. Check if you accidentally mute your device. If so, simply uncheck the mute option. If the problem persists, the problem may be due to your soundcard or your external hard drive. Proceed to the next steps.

Check the cords of your speakers. Now it’s time to check your device. Take a look at the cords of your speakers or headphones. It may have become loose or unplugged accidentally. You could also check if the right cord is plugged at its appropriate outlet. There is a color-coding for that. Usually, the pink cord goes to microphone outlet and the green cord goes to the speakers. If you are unsure of this, try exchanging different cords. If this works, then your problem is solved and you can now enjoy listening to your music once more. However, if the problem still occurs, proceed to the next step.

Check whether your soundcard is installed properly. The next thing you can do is to check your soundcard device. Go to the Control Panel and check the status of the sound card. On the Control Panel, click on “system”, then “hardware”. On the hardware window, go to “Device Manager”. A new window will appear. Browse the drivers listed there and select your soundcard device. Make sure that it is properly installed. If it’s not, then reinstall it again using appropriate software. If you don’t have your CD with you, you can download the software in the Internet.

Conduct a system restore. If the above methods still don’t work, your last option is to conduct a system restore. Restore your computer to the date where your sound device is working properly. To do this, click on accessories on your general menu toolbar. Under accessories, look for system restore. Simply follow the steps provided. This will probably do the trick.

These are some of the things you can do to restore the sound to your computer. Often times, the problem is caused by your sound device. Make sure that your speakers or headphones are properly working before worrying about the sound of your computer. If this is the case, simply replace your speaker or headphone and you will be listening to your music in no time.


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