How To Review and Purchase the Best Detection Software

Windows is the most popular and widely used operating system on the planet today. Most of the computers that you will encounter in the office or at home are probably running on this type of operating system. While it is quite functional and compatible for a variety of tasks and programs, it is also very prone to viruses, Trojans, and other types of malware that can hijack and sabotage your system. This can result not only in the dreaded blue screen of death or a very slow computer – it can even compromise your online bank accounts that are stored on the computer. To avoid digital infestations, you need to know how to review and purchase the best virus detection software.

  1. Check independent testing centers. Spyware and virus infections are so common that a very large industry of antivirus software vendors has emerged to provide various spyware detection software products. But while a detection program can come at a dime a dozen these days, not all will work as effectively as the others on your computer. The best way of assessing the software is through independent testing centers on the web. These independent testing centers have very rigorous testing procedures that include in-the-wild viruses, virus detection rates, virus update settings, heuristic scanning capacities, and the number of false positives that the software has made using its particular detection method. Because these independent testing centers do not work for any particular vendor, you can be sure that they are conducting unbiased reviews.
  2. Check trusted reviews. Another way of reviewing an antivirus is through the use of trusted computer experts. These can be found either in computer magazines or on the web. A good example of a site that provides excellent reviews is which is a one-stop computer center for everything from cell phones, laptops, antivirus programs, firewalls, and everything else in between. CNET will provide you with a review from the group itself, with a rating system with five stars being the highest, as well as a comprehensive assessment of the detection program, ranging from how effectively a particular antivirus can detect and heal a virus infection, as well as the user interface of the programs. CNET also has room for user reviews that will let you check just what the actual customers think of the products.
  3. Check the trial versions. Nothing beats firsthand experience, however. For you to test the product yourself without having to pay the expensive price of antivirus programs, download the trial versions that almost every software vendor will provide. This will allow you to use the full software for a limited span of time. This will let you decide just how effective the antivirus program is. You can even find out for yourself what data type and detection hardware your program works best with. Some even come with caller software as an added feature. With trial version, you will also be able to check whether the installed software will affect the general speed and motion of your computer system.

Once you have determined what product works and what does not, all you need to purchase the detection program is a credit card. All of the products can be easily downloaded from the web, and can be paid for through online bank accounts. Keep in mind, however, that there are also free antivirus programs that are available, which can also provide a good level of security.


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