How To Rework Digital Images with Photobie

Correct Color and Composition, Make Alterations and Add Texts to Your Images for Free

Who doesn’t shoot and exchange photos digitally these days? The undisputed leader for digital image editing is Adobe Photoshop, but there are free tools that can edit equally well, if not better. Although free, Photobie allows you to do photo frame editing, advanced screen capture and multi-layer image editing, including directory views with just the images showing up. There is undo support for color adjustment, rotate, resize, and erase, and no limits on the undo steps. If you download Photobie, here’s how you can rework your digital images for free.

  1. Image resize: Click the item ‘Image>Resize' in the menu. Select the image size in pixels. To have the width and height of the original image, check the ‘Bounds' checkbox. Clicking OK resizes the image. The ‘Zoom In' or ‘Zoom Out' buttons on the toolbar resize the image without losing resolution.
  2. Adjusting color: Navigate to ‘Image>Adjust color' item in the menu. The balance control panel can be accessed from a popped up color adjust menu. You can adjust the transparency (alpha), gamma, contrast and even the three RGB components specifically with the trace bar. You can preview the adjustments you make in a panel showing the exact effect on the original image.
  3. Select a layer: Double click the layer on the image to select. In case the layer is hidden, you need to select it from the list box of the ‘Layer Manager'.
  4. Move the layer: Select the current layer and click the ‘Eraser' button in the toolbar on the left. Now simply drag the layer to the destination.
  5. Erase a layer: Having selected the current layer and clicking on the ‘Eraser' button in the toolbar on the left, you can then erase the layer by dragging the mouse or left-clicking. You have also the option of unlimited Undo for erasing.
  6. Add a layer: You have to add the new layer through paste, draw/fill shapes, write text etc. Remember, every draw/fill action from mouse down until mouse release should be considered as a new layer, the feature allowing you flexible control over the last action.

Photobie has a hotkey setup allowing you to customize up to eight keys for instant actions. Capture any shape or screen to the image editor for editing or to capture it on the clipboard.


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