How To Rotate Text and Graphics in PageMaker

PageMaker is a desktop publishing software by Adobe Systems Incorporated.  It allows users to create different types of publications like newsletters, brochures, flyers, reports and more.   You can modify the many different predesigned templates in PageMaker to create your publications or start completely from scratch.  Professional-quality publications are easy to do; everything is at your fingertips!

One standard feature in PageMaker is its ability to rotate objects.  An object can be text or graphics.  Sometimes, the images that you import in PageMaker are not in the orientation you like.  For example, you took a picture of a subject standing upright (portrait orientation).  Then, when you use it in PageMaker, you want the subject to be rotated 180 degrees so it appears to be lying down (landscape orientation).  You can also rotate the object in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction.    Upside down, tilted to the left or leaning to the right, all of this can be done and undone using PageMaker. 

Using the Rotate tool

  1. Open the Tool box.  Click on the Window menu then select Show Tools.
  2. Click on the Rotate tool.  This is the icon under the Pointer tool (the arrow).
  3. Choose the object you want to rotate.  Move the pointer on that object and select it.  You should see a visible frame with handles.
  4. Click the left mouse button; don’t let go as you hold on to one of the handles surrounding the object.
  5. Drag the object to the direction and angle you want to rotate it.
  6. Release the left mouse button.

Using the Undo option

If the object did not rotate the way you hoped it would, don’t fret, just use the Undo option.  Simply select Undo Rotate from the Edit menu.  Just make sure to select undo right after you did the rotate command.

Rotating an object using the Control Palette

  1. Select the object you want to rotate using the Pointer tool.
  2. Click the Window menu and choose Control Palette.
  3. Type a value in the rotate box found at the end of the Control Palette box.  This value will correspond to the number of degrees you want the object rotated.
  4. Press the Enter key.

If you want to undo the rotation, go back to the Control Palette box.  Type zero to bring the object back to its original orientation.
Tip:  You can rotate both text and graphics simultaneously.  Select the objects you want to rotate together by clicking on one object first then press the SHIFT key.  While the SHIFT key is depressed, click on the other objects.  Proceed to using the Rotate tool when you have selected all the objects you want.

By rotating objects (text or graphics), you can make your publications more interesting and dramatic.  Pictures that were taken right side up can appear upside down.  If you typed your text upright it can be tilted to the left or to the right.  Made a mistake?  Go back to the previous version of your object by using the Undo Rotate command immediately.  With practice, you will be a wiz at using the Rotate tool in no time. Be sure to explore the other PageMaker commands and take advantage of this powerful desktop publishing software. 


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