How To Search for ATM Locations Online

ATM cards are beneficial, especially when you are traveling. It is a lot safer than bringing cash with you the whole time. Since they are not exactly grouped together, you might drive for more than two blocks from where you are at, and still not find an ATM machine or cash machine. If you do, chances are, it is offline or your ATM bank is not connected with the machine's list of ATM networks. Where is an ATM machine when you need one? 

Here are ways to find ATM locations online:

  1. In your favorite search engine, type the words "ATM locator".
  2. A list of different banks with their very own ATM locator will appear. Use of ATM locators is free.
  3. Pick the locator you prefer. For example, MasterCard Global ATM Locator.
  4. Upon entering the website of the ATM Locator, you will be asked to fill out a form to start the search. With this form, you can search by address, airports or by any landmark.
  5. Choose the country you are in by clicking on the dropdown box inside the Select a Country or Region section.
  6. You can search by address, airport or bank. If you want to search by address, since it's the default, simply specify the street name, city and state. Or you can search using the zip code.
  7. Specify the estimated search radius, either miles or kilometers.
  8. On the right, you have an option to search for ATMs, which are drive through, open 24 hours (some ATM business hours are not 24/7), accessible by wheelchair, surcharge free and allow deposit sharing. Just click on the checkbox beside each option, for those most favorable to you.
  9. If you want to search by airport, click airport. Input the international airport code. This only consists of three digits like JFK, PCD and LHR. In case you don't know the code, just enter the city name of the country you have specified above in Step E. A list of airports with their corresponding codes will appear.
  10. If you prefer to search by landmarks, enter the nearest one.
  11. Specify the city and state.
  12. You may also use the zip code instead, just like in step 6.
  13. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to narrow down the search.
  14. Finally, click the Find ATMs button to start searching.
  15. A list of several results will appear. Click on the branch you desire to go to. The address will be included and options to send the address to your mobile or have it printed. A google map will be displayed to help you drive toward the spot. Drag the map to the desired area and zoom in for street names and landmarks.

It is that easy. You will be withdrawing from your account in no time at all.

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