How To Search for Study Scholarships

Looking for study scholarships has become easier with the rise of Internet usage. The days when you had to make a lot of calls or spend time in a library researching those institutions offering study scholarships are almost things of the past. It is now much easier to look for appropriate study scholarships online, especially since scholarship and educational institutions have been regularly posting their scholarship offerings online.

But surfing the Internet for study scholarships is not as easy as it sounds. The same amount of research as in those library days is still needed if you want to find a study scholarship that would suit you and your study plans. The problem that you face now is you have to surf through the many offerings online for study scholarships. So how do you search for study scholarships?

  • Start early. You shouldn't wait until the end of the school year when you graduate from high school before you start looking for the right study scholarship for you. That would be much too late. Look for scholarships even as early as your sophomore year in high school. There are scholarships that accept applications even as early as then. The best time to start, though, is your junior year. By this time, you should already be quite sure of your study plans and certain of what you need.
  • Search online. There are several websites that have already compiled a list of current study scholarships presently available. These websites have consolidated the data and made sure of its authenticity and availability. The advantage is that, most probably, the website has already checked if the scholarship is still available and active. This will save time on your part, since you will not have to send an email to every study scholarship only to discover that these scholarships are already inactive.
  • Search offline. You read that right, you could search offline. This may sound foreign to your ears since the Internet has really made searching for people, places and almost everything so easy, we don't even need to stand up to do it. But, yes, you could try searching for study scholarships offline. For starters, you could go to your school counselors. The offices of high school counselors have lists of available study scholarships. Just go to the office and ask to see the list. You could also ask their help in finding which study scholarship would suit you.
  • Call colleges. Make some calls to the colleges you are interested in. They may have a study scholarship available that is only open to a very limited number of students, so they did not post the availability online and may also have failed to supply the information to the high schools in the area. Call and look for their financial aid department, and ask if they have study scholarships available that would fit your criteria. Be thorough in your questions and you just might find the right study scholarship for you.

Happy searching!


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