How To Set Up a Macintosh

When you get your new Macintosh, the first step is usually to set it up to make it look uniquely yours. Personalizing each component to one that you can be comfortable with will make your working experience better on your Macintosh.

  1. Personalize the dock. The dock is where you will find shortcuts to your programs. You can initially add programs that you think you will be using frequently onto the dock and add more as you work on your Mac. You can change the dock's position on your monitor to somewhere you will be more comfortable with. Go to the dock's preferences and pick a Position on screen, you can choose to position it at the left, bottom or right. While you are at the dock's preferences you may also change the dock's size and how big or small the icons will be when magnified. Move the magnification slider left or right to increase of decrease the image size.
  2. Change your icon's image. The icon on your computer is an image that symbolizes the contents of the folder, file or program. You can choose to replace them with existing icons on your computer to display similar applications. Choose the file, folder or program you want to get the icon image from and select File then Get Info. Select the icon on the top left corner of the window and press Command-C then select the other file, folder, or program you want to place the icon on and Click File and then Get Info to display the info window. Select the icon on that window and press Command-C to replace the icon with the new one.
  3. Create a screen saver. The screen saver displays patterns or images when you are away from your Mac for a period of time. You can change the screen saver that was previously selected by going to the Apple menu and selecting the System Preferences. At the System Preferences window select the Desktop and Screen Saver option. You will see a list of screen savers on your left and a preview window on the right. Select the screen saver you prefer and preview the image on the right, you can test it to see how it will run.
  4. Personalize the desktop. You can change the desktop image to one that represents your personality. To do this, go to the Apple menu and click System Preferences then select the Desktop and Screen Saver option and then click the Desktop button. Look for Apple Images and click it to display the images that are suggested for your display. You can choose from any of the themes like Nature, Abstract or Solid Colors. When you select an image, the desktop image will change, and when you find the right one, then you can exit the Preferences window.         

Setting up your Macintosh will take a few minutes to accomplish before you can start using it. But you have the option of setting up different aspects of your Macintosh later while you figure out the over all look and feel of the computer.


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