How To Set Up a Website

Once you have an idea for a website you have to know how to set that website up. Creating a website is more than simply throwing your ideas up online and then believing that everyone and their mothers will want what you have to offer. A website needs to be laid out and flow a certain way to ensure that your visitors will come back time and time again.

Here are some things you need to do when you set up your website:

Step 1

Make a blueprint: Before you even begin to design your website you need to make a blueprint of it and map it out. Putting it all down on paper will help you to see what pages you want to have and how each page will connect with the others. Once you have this done you can begin to design your website.

Step 2

Home page: Your home page is going to be the first impression that every single visitor that goes to your website gets. If your home page is not a good one, then the visitors will likely go away and never see anything else your site may have to offer. The first thing you should be sure that you do on your home page is to have your statement of purpose clearly spelled out near the top. If you are intending on selling cell phone accessories, then say so in some way near the top and don’t assume that a visitor to your site will scroll down for five minutes just to figure out what you do.

Step 3

Other pages: Your home page should have a link to ever other page that is going to be on your website. All of those pages should also have a link back to the home page and you may even want to put links to the other pages as well. The idea is to make your website as easy to navigate as possible. If you make it hard for your visitors to get what they want out of your website, then they will most likely find it somewhere else.

Step 4

Don’t clutter your website: Yes it is great to have some Flash video and different pictures, but don’t make your website too cluttered. If your website is too busy looking there are two problems that will arise. For one, a lot of added features will make your website load slower and the other reason is no one likes clutter. If you walk onto a store and it is cluttered with a big mess of items and you have no idea where to look what are you going to do? More than likely you will walk out of the store. Well a visitor to your website is a visitor to your store online. Just as in the brick and mortar world, if your store is cluttered the visitor will go away in a hurry.

The bottom line in setting up your website is to make sure you are creating a website that you too would want to visit. When you have your website completed ask yourself honestly if you would do business with your website. If the answer is no, then you obviously have some tweaking to do.

Jason Kay recommends using a website builder to create your website. Website builders allow anyone to create a professional looking website quickly and easily.

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