How To Set Up a Wireless Bridge

A wireless bridge is a device that is used in connecting LAN segments wirelessly. The wireless bridge can also be called the LAN bridge. This is helpful, especially when two computers that are far apart need to have a connection. Wireless bridges are most commonly used to share the ISP so that the computers can have access to the Internet. The computer can also send and share data with each other.

Using a wireless bridge to connect computers is not only very efficient; it can also help save your time and money. Here are the steps on how to connect your WiFi bridge:

  1. Configure IP address. The first thing you have to do is to configure the IP address of the router. To do this, click on the ‘Control Panel’ folder on your computer. Choose ‘Network Connections’ and click on ‘Local Area Connection’. Choose ‘Properties’ and look for the properties of the IP address. You must set the IP address to After this, set the Subnet Mask to The last thing you have to do is to set the Default Gateway to Make sure that you have all the correct settings before continuing.
  2. Connecting to router. After configuring the IP address, you can now connect to the wireless router. To do this, open a web browser window. Look for the wireless network settings and choose the option ‘Client Bridge’. You have to choose the right setting for the primary router that you are going to use. You can change this on ‘Wireless Network Mode’ section.
  3. Site Survey and bridge creation. Next, choose ‘Status/Wireless’ and click on ‘Site Survey’. To create the bridge, you have to connect the secondary router to the primary router. Choose the ‘Join’ button to finish the creation of the bridge between the two computers. That should have connected the computers in the network.
  4. Test. You have now connected the bridge. To check, you can unplug the network cable from the computer. After a few seconds, reconnect the network cable again. The computer will now have the IP address that you set in the primary router. If it does not have the IP address that you set, you may have missed something. You can do the procedure again and see if you did it correctly.

These are the steps on how you can connect a wireless bridge. This is very useful in business environments and even at home. By connecting through a bridge, you will be able to connect and share information on two computers.

Not all wireless routers are capable of being used as a wireless bridge. Some of the routers that can be used for this purpose include the D-Link DAP 1522 4-Port GigaBit Dual Band 802.11n N Duo Wireless Bridge or the Linksys WET610N Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band. If you have other gadgets or wireless devices that you can use, this is also a way for you to utilize them. Other examples are Xbox 360, laptops, PSP, printers or LCD televisions.


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