How To Set Up an Antivirus Firewall

With the Internet becoming a much more dangerous place, it is now very important to make sure that you’re doing everything that it takes to protect your system and your personal accounts. Viruses are developed everyday and you need to install programs and software that could combat these critters before they do any harm to your system. These days, it is imperative to have your own antivirus firewall so that you could stop viruses from infecting your system.

A firewall that is used in computers works in the same way that a building’s firewall would work. It’s constructed so that potentially damaging files from the Internet or other sources such as a contaminated floppy disk, portable drive or optical disc are not transferred to your computer. This eliminates the chances of infection and in effect prevents the spread of the virus.

Here’s how you set up an antivirus firewall.

One of the ways is to go to a shop that sells software that offer security against viruses. Most companies that carry games and operating system installers would have antivirus programs on their shelves. Here’s how you go about this process:

  1. Before buying a particular antivirus and firewall package, do the necessary research to find out which company is best for you. Each manufacturer would probably have different versions and types so select the one that is the best fit for your requirements.
  2. Take into consideration the system specifications of your computer. As with other software, it is important that your personal computer is above the requirements of the antivirus firewall so that the program can run properly on your system.
  3. Buy the package that you want and bring it home. You may then start the installation process.
  4. Take the CD that comes with the package and install it. Most of the software sold in the market are literally plug and play. Just pop in the CD and a guided script will tell you how to install your antivirus firewall.
  5. Make sure that you update the software regularly.

You may also set it up by downloading programs off the Internet:

  1. Decide on a program that you want to get. You may try browsing for sites that compare antivirus firewalls or ask friends who use products on their computers as well.
  2. You may download the trial versions so you could test out the programs for free.
  3. Buy the program with your credit card if you’ve been satisfied by the trial period.
  4. Always make sure that the program is not competing or in conflict with the other programs in your system. Your operating system would always alert you in case of conflict.
  5. Update the software regularly. You can also setup your program so that it would update itself during the times that you want it to. Try to set it during the times that you’re not using the computer.

Setting up your virus firewall is relatively easy. Most of the programs really guide you through the installation process.


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