How To Set Up Cash Register Software

With cash registers becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s not enough that the cashier would just punch in some numbers and out comes the receipt. With more improved programming and software, it is now possible to use the cash register as a method to track sales and inventory. This makes the process of bookkeeping and accounting a lot easier and more efficient.

Most electronic cash registers come pre-packed with their own set of software, so it shouldn’t be a problem getting around to setting it up. What really needs setting up in the system is how the items are to be tabulated and put into inventory. Here’s how you should set up your cash register software.

  1. Before starting with the setting up process, be sure that you have a comprehensive list of products and services that could be bought from your store. Check and double check if you already have all the items listed. This should serve as the master list of just about everything you have to offer.
  2. Put a price on everything that you are offering. As always, make sure that you check if the prices are right. It would be very embarrassing to have the wrong prices on the receipt once the clients and customers are already in your shop. You can always change prices accordingly so don’t fuss about it too much.
  3. Make sure that your cash register can also synchronize with your inventory system. Once an item gets into a critical or low level in the stocks, the software should be able to alert you to call the supplier that a certain product is already in dangerously low availability. This can help your business become more efficient.
  4. The software should also be able to collate your sales and expenses (money out). You can do this by setting up the reading or collating schedule of the cash register. For instance, doing it mid-day and at closing time could help you compare the sales of the two different shifts.
  5. Activate the options that would allow you to see the data in multiple perspectives. Figures that would show the total sales per day as well as the number of customers that you see in a week can help you project your marketing push and inventory stocking. Data and information is very important in business and the more first hand information that you have, the better it is for your business and your prospects of making it more successful.

The whole idea is to customize the software to your liking and specification. Once you have the system down pat, it should be easy to further customize and tweak the other features that you want changed. All you have to do is to read the manual and be familiar with the ins and outs of the software itself. Once you do that, you can pretty much make the register do what you want it to do.


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