How To Set Up Microsoft Outlook Express to Work with Gmail

You must have a Gmail account that will be the default e-mail account for sending and retrieving mails through Outlook Express. Outlook Express is a program designed by Microsoft Company; it works with a mail account. It gives you a direct link to send mails to any e-mail address you click on when at a particular webpage in your browser, and retrieves emails sent to the default e-mail account configured to work with it.

  1. Sign up for Gmail account. Go to Gmail, click ‘sign up', fill out the form and submit.
  2. Enable IMAP. Sign in to your Gmail account, go to the settings and check ‘Enable IMAP.' Click ‘save changes.'
  3. Configure the Microsoft Outlook Express Client to work with the Gmail by following the steps below:
    • Open Microsoft Outlook Express in your computer programs.
    • Click ‘Tools menu' and select ‘Accounts.' Click ‘Add New Account,' select IMAP.
    • Enter your name in the ‘display name' field, click ‘next.'
    • Enter your full Gmail e-mail address ( in the ‘E-mail address' field and click ‘next.'
    • Select IMAP for ‘My incoming mail server.' Enter ‘' in the incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server, enter ‘' in the outgoing mail (SMTP) server, click ‘next.'
    • Enter your Gmail username (including '') in the Account name field. Enter your Gmail password in the password field and click ‘next.'
    • Highlight ‘' under Account, and click ‘properties.' Click the ‘Advanced' tab.
    • Under outgoing mail (SMTP), check the box next to ‘The server requires a secure connection (SSL).' Enter '465' in the outgoing mail (SMTP) field.
    • Under incoming mail (IMAP), check the box next to ‘The server requires a secure connection(SSL).' Enter ‘993.'
    • Click ‘servers' tab, and check the box ‘My server requires authentication.' Click ‘OK.'

You are done with setting up Microsoft Outlook Express Client to work with your Gmail account. And you can now send and retrieve mail of your Gmail account from the Microsoft Outlook Express Client. One of the advantages of this mail client is that you don't necessarily need to launch a web browser to log on to or to sign in to your Gmail account to view and send emails.

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I Like the idea, but i think this is advisable that one should configure Outlook Express E-mail on his/her own personal computer to avoid the risk of unauthorized person to gain access to his/her mails

By Princewill Onwuma

Setting up the Gmail in Outlook is a great idea, but do you know that when receiving emails you will be at big risk? Gmail provides a powerful Spam/virus protection software at server end, and they do all the job for you in server, but when you are on local using the outlook you should have a great antivirus and spyware protection tools. I think it will be good to remain Gmail in its original position (WWW).

By Jameel Ahmad Sameemi