How To Set Up Web Content Management

Web content management or WCM refers to the task of creating and managing online content.  While creating a particular web site requires only a certain period, managing its content constitutes is a much bigger job.  If you have a web site, you will surely want to make it as updated as possible to keep it always relevant to the times.  If it is used for business, the more will you need to keep it updated in order to offer something new to your clients. That is how important WCM is. For ease in management, web content management systems (WCMSs) have been produced.  This software is used to manage and manipulate web dynamic material.  This includes HTML documents and related images.

This software can be bought online and downloaded for setting up in your system.  Some web software developers have even offered this product free.  However, if you want to have those advanced ones, which are also loaded with features, you may have to purchase them first through the Internet.  The following are just a few of those WCMS you can have.

  • Oracle is the leading creator of the software although it was first known for producing great databases.  It was only in 2007, when it acquired Stellent that it raised to prominence by integrating its WCMS into different tools for content management.
  • SharePoint, Microsoft developed a WCMS that is fast taking a larger part of the market.  Its main strength lies in the fact that it is a Microsoft product and, therefore, is made with the consideration that it is compatible with its other software products. Its weakness, on the other hand, is in intranet use and document sharing systems.
  • IBM may be famous for most of its software and computer hardware.  Its WCMS, Lotus, however, is not as effective as its other products.  It is too integrated with IBM’s own web-based software products such as the Websphere Portal.  If you were not a fan of this portal, then you would not appreciate Lotus.
  • Autonomy is for those who are using the WCMS for marketing purposes.  The software particularly targets those web sites that regularly changes its page content to suit the market demands

You can still find more web content management solutions on the Internet aside from these.  It is just important to ask for a trial before finally purchasing it. With a WCMS, you can conveniently facilitate all the necessary tasks in administering web content.  This includes HTML content creation, content control, editing, and essential Web maintenance functions.  This is, exactly, what you will need if you happen not to have enough background in programming languages and markup languages. WCMSs allow users to introduce enhancements to a website despite little training. It may take a skilled programmer or coder to set it up and add new features but WCMS is basically a tool for web site maintenance that even non-programmer administrators can use.


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