How To Set up Your Own Virtual World

As the technology advances, more and more people are relying on virtual worlds. Some may find entertainment from it, others get jobs, and some even find friends inside it. The virtual world, much more like the real world you have today, is catering almost all of the needs of the people nowadays. From architecture to games, the virtual world has it.

Due to this fact, a lot of people are getting into the art of creating their own computer worlds. Children are often found creating game atmospheres, architects are seen building houses, while others are into transforming real worlds into virtual ones. The purpose varies; however, creating one is almost similar one way or another.

Though professionals use a different kind of advanced software, some follow basic steps in creating worlds of their own. Creating one actually does not require much of a knowledge as children can play with the creation of their own worlds too.

To start a virtual world, you can follow these basic steps:

  1. Get a good software. Yes, it requires a good deal of creativity before you can come up with your dream virtual world. However, no virtual world can be done without the use of software. There are a lot of programs that you can get for free on the Internet. Once you have successfully downloaded one, you are ready to build your very own computer world. OpenSim is one example of this kind of software.

    As a beginner, you can also use the networking Web sites that allow you to manage and create your own virtual atmospheres. Second Life is one example of this Web site where you can develop characters, virtual worlds for games, and even chat with your friends online.

  2. Start creating your world. Once you are logged in to either a Web site or a program, you can start designing your very own worlds. Depending on the instructions on the software or program, you can add different details in your project. Most programs require different commands that you can see in their toolbars. You just need to click them and customize depending on your preference.

    After that, you can create virtual pets, terrains, mountains, oceans, avatars, villagers, virtual places on earth, earth and other planets for science reference materials, building and instructional manuals.

There are a lot of other things that you can do for your virtual world. Some programs may require you to have a lot of knowledge on the field, but others are simply user-friendly. In other programs, if you have a knowledge in Photoshop, you can definitely create a lot of worlds based on your very own designs of images. If not, you can use pre-designed templates offered by these programs as well.

So whether you just want to chat with a friend, develop your very own computer game, or create a representation of your house designs, the virtual world can be a real world for you. Add as much villagers as you want, care for the most extraordinary pets you can imagine — these are not a problem anymore. Create your very own virtual world for your entertainment and whatever purpose it may serve you.


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