How To Set Your Own Default Web Browser

There are a lot of different types of web browsers that are available today. Some of the most common web browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape Navigator and Safari. All these web browsers have the same purpose. They provide a means for you to surf the Internet and go to different websites.

Even if they have the same purpose, their features and interface may slightly vary. You may also find that some web browsers load pages faster than others. You may want to change your default web browser so that you can use your preferred web browser when clicking on links and browsing the Internet.

Here are some instructions on how you can set your own default web browser in your computer:

  1. Netscape Navigator. If you want to use Netscape Navigator as your default web browser, all you have to do is go to Windows Explorer. Go to C:\ and choose the folder labeled “Program Files”. Find the icon for Netscape Navigator and go to “Users”. You will see a folder inside. Open that folder and look for the file called “Pref.js”. Right click on this file and choose to open it with Notepad. Look for the line that says user_pref. You will see that the preference says “true”. Edit that line so that the preference says “false”. Close all the folders and start up Netscape Navigator. You will be asked if you want to make Netscape Navigator as your default web browser. Click on “Yes”.
  2. Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is usually the default web browser in most Windows computers. If you changed your default browser and you want to make Internet Explorer the default browser again, all you have to do is open Internet Explorer, Go to the “View” menu on the upper left hand of the screen. Choose “Internet Options” from the dropdown list and choose “Programs”. Check the box that will enable Internet Explorer to be your default web browser.
  3. Mozilla Firefox. If you want to set your default web browser to Mozilla Firefox, you can manually do it. On your desktop, open the “My Computer” icon. Go to “File Types” tab. You will have to assign different values to Mozilla Firefox. The first one is “URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol”. Then, “URL:Protected HyperText Transfer Protocol” and last one is URL: File Transfer Protocol HTML File HTM File”. When you have already done the necessary changes, close all the windows and start Mozilla Firefox. Click on the “Tools” menu, choose “Options” and click on “Set Default Browser”. This will enable the browser to be your default browser.

These are the basic steps you can follow so that you can change your default web browser. You can also choose to download the web browser of your choice from the Internet. When you load the web browser, a message window will pop-up and ask you if you want to set the web browser as your default web browser. If the pop-up window does not appear, you can use the steps above.


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