How To Setup a Google Personalized Homepage

There was a time when we physically went places to find information; the internet brought a humongous amount of information, which you could access from the comfort of your home. But, given the vast amount of information available, you needed to search extensively; just like looking for a needle in a haystack! Then, Google Inc came in with its unparalleled search and find options, serving up information within nano-seconds with amazing accuracy. Of course, it is essential that the information should be originally posted and publicly available on the internet, for it to be found by Google's search engines.

Now, the joys that Google brought about did not stop there. Based on various search patterns and demographics and a study of what people looked for most on its search engine, Google introduced a bouquet of services and information readily available on its homepage. These services and information options are presented colorfully with very friendly graphic user interfaces that are easy to understand.

Here are some ways to set up a personalized Google Home Page -

For starters, sign-up and create a Google account for yourself; this is a simple process where you answer a few questions, choose a log-in ID, typically and you can establish a Google account within minutes. If your choice of ID is taken by anyone else, Google will offer you alternates to choose from. Of course, this is possible only if you have an internet connection.

Once your Google account is ready and activated, log in to the account using the ID and password on the home page.  Personalized home pages on Google are called iGoogle and you can set one up too. 

At the end of the Home Page look for a link that says - Add news, games, and more. Click on this link and you get a choice of Gadgets and Themes. 

Gadgets include weather, calendar, news-feeds, currency converters, games brainteasers, and word games and so on. You will notice that there is an ADD NOW button under each Gadget. 

Click on the preferred Gadget and you will see that the Gadget begins to appear on your personalized Home Page. These Gadgets can be re-arranged as per your requirements by dragging and dropping them to the position of your choice. You can even change the size of the Gadgets for better display.

Additional features on a personalized Google Home Page include themes.  Next to the Gadget button, you will notice a ‘themes' button that will help you choose from a list of choices that Google has prepared for you. Google selects and offers Themes based on your geographical location. Also, you can now create a totally new theme all by yourself. Provide your location, zip code and time zone and watch the theme change as the time of your day changes. There is an additional feature called the RSS feeds; these are dynamic information such as news and current affairs that get updated periodically. Click on a relevant button to add RSS feeds.

You now have most of your required information readily available on your desktop on your personalized Google Home Page. Enjoy surfing better than before!


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