How To Setup a Wordpress Blog

A great way to promote your website or to just share your thoughts and opinions with others is by blogging and a great blogging resource to use is Wordpress. However, it is not merely enough to proclaim that you are a blogger, you have to give it some thought and most importantly you need to set up a Wordpress blog for yourself.

While many new users find Wordpress extremely intimidating to set up, once it is all said and done it is a very user friendly way to go about your blogging. Here are some steps that will help you get your Wordpress blog set up:

Step 1

Read set-up instructions: Wordpress has the set up instructions right there on their homepage and you need to thoroughly read through them before you decide you actually want to go through with it or not. While Wordpress is wonderful software, like anything else, it may not be for everyone and your PC may not have what it takes to support it. By finding out first what the set up entails you will be able to determine if you want to proceed and this can save you time.

Step 2

Make a plan: Based on all the information you will read your next step is to formulate a plan. How will you use Wordpress? Will you set it up in the main directory, a root directory, or will you use it as a test site to gauge potential interest? If you are using it as a standalone then map out how the entire site will look before you get started.

Step 3

Install and configure: Once you have read all the information and have a game plan you can now install and set up Wordpress. Once installed you can begin to custom tailor your Wordpress blog by selecting a theme and adding various plug-ins. Before you save any changes you should view what they will look like first by clicking the ‘View Site’ link on top of the Administration page. The great thing about Wordpress is that help is but a few clicks away. They have a great FAQ page that covers almost anything you can think of that you may need to ask.

Step 4

Blog and explore: Once you have your Wordpress blog set up the way you want it is now time to start blogging about whatever you like. Be sure to adhere to Wordpress’ rules and regulations and of course you should have fun when you blog. As you go along your Wordpress journey take the time to explore different aspects of Wordpress. Wordpress is quite powerful software and there are many different tasks that can be accomplished by utilizing it. Keep playing around and keep learning and you will eventually become a Wordpress guru.

Yes everyone it seems now has a blog and if you don’t you stand to be somewhat of an Internet outcast. But don’t worry; with some simple planning, some installation, and some good old research and development you too can have a successful blog with Wordpress and never again drift away from the online populace.

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