How To Share Files Between Two Macs

File sharing between two Macs is now easier with the upgraded versions of the operating system. With simple configurations to enable file sharing you can start downloading files from a source Mac.

  1. Go to System Preferences. On the Mac computer you want to share files from, go to the System Preferences panel and look for the Internet and Network option. Under the Internet and Network option you will see a list of applications such as MobileMe, Network, QuickTime, and Sharing. Select and click the Sharing icon to go to the Sharing window.
  2. Configure file sharing. You have to configure the Sharing option to allow the Mac to share files to other Macs in the area. At the Sharing window look to the left panel and you will see a list of services with check boxes. To turn on a particular service you need to put a check mark in the box next to that service. Put a check mark beside the File Sharing service and you will see the File Sharing label on the right panel will have an "On" description and a green light will appear beside it. Go to the Shared Folders option on the right panel and add the folder or folders you want to share with other Macs. You can use the "Click the lock to prevent further changes" option found at the bottom of the Sharing window to protect the changes you made. If you are using Tiger, the interface may look slightly different but the process is the same.
  3. Start Sharing. After allowing File Sharing on the target Mac you can now start sharing files from that Mac to any other Mac in the area. The other Mac will find the shared folder in the Username/Public section. You can now download files from the shared folder on the target Mac.
  4. Purchase the Targus File Share Cable for Mac. Another way to easily share files between two Macs is to purchase the Targus File Share Cable for Mac from Targus. It is a link cable you can use to connect two Macs together and easily share files with one another. You just plug-in the cable into the usb slots of both Macs and an icon automatically appears on the desktops of both computers. You can start to share and download files between Macs. Click the icon on the desktop to activate file sharing and both Macs are ready to share files. The cable has an integrated software that enables file sharing through the cable, and drag and dropping files has no size limitations, so no matter how large or small the file or document is sharing files is seamless between the two Macs.

Sharing files has become easier and simpler between two Macs than in recent years. You now have the option of configuring the System Preferences to enable sharing or use a third party cable with integrated software to automatically start sharing files between two Macs.


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