How To Shop at Online Tire and Wheel Stores

Shopping for tires and wheels can be very daunting. When you choose the tires for your car, remember that your decision is a significant investment. A number of considerations have to be pondered, as your driving safety, comfort, and pleasure will be determined by your decision.

One of the several factors you should consider when selecting tires is the wear rating. Sometimes it is done through manufacturer’s test but it does not guarantee a precise representation of the tread life. An ideal means to determine this factor is to refer to the part of the Uniform Tire Quality Grading rating. It is a labeling system required by the United States Department of Transportation to determine the life expectancy of tires, traction, and temperature resistance. However, how do you shop without leaving the comfort of your house? How do you ensure you select the tires that perfectly match your vehicle and your driving style? Follow the corresponding steps if you to choose to purchase from an online tire and wheel store.

  1. Shop by vehicle. To narrow down your search, browse for tires and wheels that are specifically designed for your vehicle model. You can also refine your search by selecting a particular brand of your choice and other available categories. This is especially important if you are not sure about the size of tires you need.
  2. Shop by size. Ideally, you should know the size, speed rating, and load capacity of your tires. Most online tire and wheel stores provide an option for you to manually key in the size you are looking for or see all tire sizes.
  3. Shop for a tire and wheel package. This is usually time and cost-effective because the packages are vehicle specific with exact fitments. Most tire and wheel packages also include all necessary hardware free of charge.
  4. Find online coupons. To help you save on quality tires and wheels, make use of online coupons, discounts, tickets, or special offers. Numerous sites have a database of the most recent promotions by reputable tire and wheel distributors.
  5. Determine whether you need an installer or if you are going to install the products yourself. If you need a professional’s service, go for the recommended installer nearest your location. The shop can directly ship your products to the installer. If you choose to do it on your own, make sure the store will equip you with the complete set of installation instructions.
  6. Take time to read consumer reviews and pricing information. Prior to making your purchase, consider what other consumers have to say about their experience with the shop, installer, product, and services.
  7. Make sure you understand the manufacturer’s warranty as well as the return or refund policy of the online store.  Return policies may have variances depending on the units you purchase. Know how credit amount will be calculated should you return a tire, a wheel, or a package.

Verifying the reputation of the online tire and wheel shop should also be taken into account. It is safer to transact only with companies who have already established a good reputation.


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