How To Start Your Online Dating Profile Essay

When joining online dating sites, you will usually be asked to say a few things about yourself. You shouldn't ignore this or forgo writing a few things about who you are. While it's true that the pictures on your online dating profile spell a thousand words or open up a lot of possibilities, it's the written essay next to it that will help you find your right match. How you present yourself with this essay will tell possible matches how interesting you are. There is no magic formula to finding "the one" but if you begin by making your profile stand out with the right descriptive words, then you might just find yourself meeting your perfect match.

Below are a few things you can do to spruce up your online dating profile essay:

  1. Honesty is always the best policy. Be straightforward when writing your profile. Forget about all those movies telling you otherwise because real life doesn’t usually turn out that way. Being honest allows you to start in the right footing. You wouldn't want to forge a relationship with a potential match by lying the first time, right?
  2. Be specific with what you like. If you like music, for example, it's not enough to just write, "I like music, " and end it there. Why not include which artist you like and a short anecdote as to why you like them? This will draw in more interest, thus opening your chances of making more matches.
  3. Avoid bragging. Sure, it would be nice to write in your accomplishments and give yourself a few nudge.  But this may become a major turn off than an illuminating turn on. You can highlight what your achievements are, but tone down sounding too proud so as not to put off your matches.
  4. Write in a really friendly tone. If possible let your humor shine through your profile, people would love to read something like that. It lets them know they will potentially have an awesome time with you.
  5. So if you have to write with humor, then if follows that you shouldn't mention something about a recent divorce or a bad break-up. No one would like to read you vent about your ex-relationships, so keep the tone positive.
  6. Keep personal details such as your number and house address, off the profile to ward off stalkers and protect yourself from other predators.
  7. Seek the help of a relative of a friend when writing down your profile essay. It is usually very difficult to write something about yourself without over-emphasizing or downplaying a thing or two so it would be a good idea to get a feedback from someone.
  8. Don’t forget about writing what type of person you are looking for. People make the mistake of putting generalized ideas of whom they are and what they want, thus they would end up getting the wrong matches.

You are in this online dating site for a reason, and that is --- to find someone you can possibly share the rest of your life with. So let the wheels your fate go where you want them to go and make your profile an exact description of who you really are and what you really want.


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