How To Stop Msiexec.exe

Msiexec.exe is an executable file used to install new programs on your computer. Most people get the idea that msiexec.exe is a spyware or malware since most viruses look like normal files. However, msiexec.exe is actually significant for your computer’s stability and security. This is why it is not advisable to delete or remove this file from your computer. However, you could disable or stop it from running on your computer.

Generally, msiexec.exe starts running whenever you are installing a certain program or application. It should end right after you finish installing. However, sometimes msiexec.exe remains after installing an application and even automatically starts when at computer startup. This file uses a large amount of system resources in your computer, which can slow your system. Fortunately, you can stop this file’s running process and disable it from your startup items by doing the following steps.

Temporarily disable System Restore feature. This is an important step. It will prevent msiexec.exe from running again automatically when you run System Restore in the future. To do this, go to the “My Computer” folder and click “Properties”. You will find a “System Restore” tab in the System Properties. Click the tab and choose the “Turn off System Restore” on all drives box. Click “Ok” and confirm the procedure.

Go to Windows Task Manager. One way of disabling msiexec.exe is through your Windows Task Manager. Simply press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” and find msiexec.exe on the “Processes” tab. Once you found the file, click “End Process”. Then, close the window. However, if you cannot locate msiexec.exe on your Windows Task Manager, proceed to the next step.

Open “msconfig”. Another way of disabling msiexec.exe is through “msconfig”. Click windows “start” and go to “run”. Type “msconfig” and press enter. On the services tab, search for “msiexec.exe”. If it is there, disable it then restart your computer.

Locate msiexec.exe through Service folder. To do this, go to the “run” option and type “services.msc”. Once you press enter, the Services window will open. The Services folder contains configurations and settings for different programs on your computer. Look for “Microsoft Installer” by scrolling through the applications and programs in the Services window. Once you found the file, right-click on it and go to “Properties”. A new window will open. Look for the “Startup-type” option. Look through the dropdown menu and then select “Manual” or “Disable”. Select “apply” and click “Ok”. Then, close the window.

Microsoft Corporation developed msiexec.exe. It is a system process. It is not a security risk to your computer and you should not remove it. However, if you found that your computer is running slowly, disabling msiexec.exe on your system might help speed up your system. Remember to reactivate your System Restore feature once you disable the file.

If, for some reason, msiexec.exe is running even if you are not installing any application, try to run a full virus scan. If you found that it is a virus, try to remove it using your anti-virus software.


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