How To Stop Norton Antivirus Startup

Startup items are programs and applications that automatically start once your windows boots up. Some of the common startup items you will find on your computer are MSN Messenger, antivirus software, weather monitoring software, and ICQ or media program. Most of the programs that are included in your startup are necessary. However, you only use these other programs occasionally. You might want to disable some of these files to increase the operational performance of your computer.

When you install Norton Antivirus, it is usually set to load on startup. When this happens, the antivirus program will automatically start and can slow down your system. To speed up your system, you can disable Norton Antivirus from your startup items. The following steps will guide you on how to do this.

Reboot in Safe Mode. This step is very important. This will ensure that your Norton Antivirus will stay disabled when you reboot your computer. In addition, this procedure will help you avoid activating spywares and other viruses. These may prevent you from effectively disabling Norton Antivirus from your startup items. To reboot on safe mode, open “msconfig” on your computer. Do this by clicking “start” and go to “run”. Type msconfig on the dialog box and press enter. On the msconfig window, go to the “boot” tab and check the “Safeboot” box. Click “Apply” and close the window. When asked if you want to restart your computer, click “yes”.

Disable Norton through the msconfig window. Once you are on safe mode, click “Start” on your desktop. Go to “Run” and type “msconfig” once again. Once the msconfig window opens, go to the “Startup” tab. You will find different programs and applications there. Those programs are your startup items. Scroll down the startup tab and look for the “Norton Antivirus” program. Uncheck the box and click “Apply”. Once you click “Ok”, the prompt will ask if you want to reboot your computer. Do not reboot yet. You need to configure the “boot” tab first.

Open Norton Antivirus. Another way of disabling Norton startup scan is through the application itself. Open your Norton Antivirus program. Search for the “options” menu and click. A menu will appear. Select Norton Antivirus. Go to Miscellaneous. From the Miscellaneous window, you will find “Scan system files at startup”. Uncheck the box then click “Ok”. This will prevent Norton Antivirus from automatically scanning your computer once you boot windows.

Reboot your computer in Normal Mode
. Once done disabling Norton Antivirus startup scan, you need to configure your booting option. To do this, go back to msconfig. Again, go to “boot” tab. Uncheck the box next to safeboot. Select “Apply” and close the window. When you asked if you want to reboot your computer, click “yes”. Your computer will restart and load on its normal setting. The changes you made on your startup items will be permanent.

These are the steps on how to disable Norton on your startup items. To make things easier, set your antivirus “scan system files at startup” right after you install Norton to your computer. However, keep in mind that once you disable Norton from your startup items, you will have to start manually Norton to scan your computer from viruses. Make sure you scan your computer regularly to prevent viruses from contaminating your computer system.


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